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Walking around.

September 25, 2009

As you might have guessed from previous musings, we have been debating moving to a new neighborhood? apartment? house?  the country??  Things were getting a bit desperate because of a pretty awful neighbor situation.  But they are gone and our new building mates seem lovely.  So perhaps we’ll stay put for a while…?  And maybe being happier in our space will let us enjoy our little neighborhood a bit more.   I know it has a lot to offer.  But sadly we weren’t in any mood to give it a chance.

Well, the other day we took a walk to pick up some wine.  We wound through the park, and then through the little streets with cute houses.  We stopped for ice coffees and a cookie on the way back.  It made me love our neighborhood.

I guess I forget how important walking to me is.  It makes me feel connected to where I live.  Well, I don’t forget really, its just that I don’t walk all that much.  And I’ve been thinking about why not.

Providence is a different walking experience than we’re used to.  It’s not that things are far away.  They’re pretty close by.  Perhaps a mile or two.  Which is nothing compared to daily walks we made in Brooklyn.  I’ve finally realized it’s that there’s nothing in between.  Which is really different.  In every Brooklyn neighborhood I’ve lived in you pass a zillion little places in between here and there.  Even if the “there” is just a few doors down.  Here you pass maybe one store if you go down the right street, but the rest is a bunch of houses, or maybe a gas station.  I have no idea why this matters.  Less options?  Less things to look at?  –So why bother walking?

Anyhow I suspect once we get a dog our relationship to our neighborhood will change drastically.  We will have a reason to walk down long streets that are leafy and pretty and not much else.  We will have a reason to walk over the ugly highway into downtown.   We will have to walk.  I’m looking forward to it.

Pup please find us soon.

Art Show

September 23, 2009

A few weekends ago I participated in an art show at the boathouse where I row. And I forgot to take pictures.  Which is ridiculous, but basically my M.O. lately.  Darn.  However these are a couple of the images I displayed.  They’re pen and ink, with collaged bits of vintage paper.  And the one above has some water color as well.

It was a small, pretty low key show of the boathouse member’s, ie rower’s, work.  Who knew I was in such good company?  Apparently, a lot of artists row in the Seekonk!  Anyhow it was a gorgeous evening on the river and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Thanks to my parents and friends who came out.

Here’s an, unfortunately incomplete, list of the artists who showed:

As I row at 5 am these days, it was especially nice to connect with other rowers. Besides my team, there are only a few other people crazy enough to be up at that time.  And several people pointed out that it was fun to see teammates in their “regular” clothes, perhaps looking a little nicer than usual.  –No one cares much about looking nice pre sunrise.

Weekend Away

September 22, 2009

Recipe for Perfect Martha’s Vineyard Evening:

1. Kayak 40 minutes to the next town over and pull your boat up on some nice person’s backyard/ handy beach.

2.  Take the short cut to the Menemsha Fish Market.

3.  Eat your newly purchased chowder and raw clams on the pier out back, legs swinging, overlooking the fishermen hauling in lobster.

4.  Carefully pack your fish for dinner into the kayak.  Plastic bags and ice recommended.

5. Kayak home as the wind picks up.

6. Steam up some corn on the cob, set the table, light some candles, sear the tuna.

7.  Tuck in.

8.  Thank your lucky stars you have an aunt who happily welcomes visitors.

Falling Leaves 09: Picture Books Master Class

September 21, 2009

picture book illustration mock

I was accepted into a picture book workshop! –the Falling Leaves 2009 Picture Books Master Class, run by the Eastern New York chapter of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  Gosh, that’s a mouthful.

It’s a November weekend in the Adirondacks filled with group critiques and lectures and individual meetings with children’s editors.   I’m pretty excited about it.  I’ve been working on this book proposal for what feels like forever now, and hopefully I’ll get some useful feedback.

Now I just have to make it to November.

If you’ve attended previously, or have any insights regarding attending such workshops, I’d love hear about it.

Pikaland: “Good To Know” issue #5

September 18, 2009

Pikaland is a blog about all things illustration and, not surprisingly, it’s one of my favorites.  It’s founder Amy says:

Pikaland is a blog about living the illustrated life — an art and illustration blog that’s a collection of beautiful things and inspirations that I stumble upon on the internet that’s made/designed by illustrators and artists, and is updated almost daily.

She also organizes the PikaPackage project (a fun promo and marketing tool containing a bundle of prints, limited editions and other goodies from artists and illustrators, that’s for sale seasonally,) and the Good to Know project— “a zine filled with advice + inspiration from illustrators, artists and designers.”

Right now the 5th issue of Good to Know is available in print and in download form, and explores the topic of Art School:  “Do you think that artists need to have degrees/qualifications from art school in order to be one? Did you study art? Does it matter?”

Always helpful and gorgeous to boot, get yours here!

Ooh almost forgot the giveaway: ” 2 random winners will win a copy of the zine when they leave a comment at the blog.”

Spidery Tattoo Dress

September 14, 2009

Have you seen this dress by Alexander McQueen?

Photo from

Perhaps on Drew Barrymore?

Photo from JustJared blog.

I am in love with it.

Photo from FadedYouth blog.

It’s amazing.

Photo from JustJared blog.

Oh spidery lace tattoo dress I wish you were mine…

September 11, 2009

Maybe a bit odd, but it’s hard to be away from New York today.

Double Birthday…

September 9, 2009

Happy late birthday to my sister Faith, and her husband Bruno!  We filled Saturday night with beers, a projected soccer game, grilled steaks, and a rainbow cake!

Unfortunately, in the excitement, only a couple of our photos really came out… But check out those rainbow stripes!

edit: oops!  I meant to include the recipe I used.  A quick search resulted in many recipes, some more free-form, but the most gorgeous one and our inspiration is from Whisk Kid.  We accidentally had to skimp on the frosting, but she knocks hers outta the park…

Sept Goals + August Goals Recap

September 1, 2009

I did really well on my August goals– see below.  I think reading and then posting that bit about ” ‘quick implementation’ being the key to success” was a bit of dare for me.  Like, I dare you to finish this list.  And it worked.  So I double-dog-dare me this month:

1.  Make a list of all the reasons marketing is fun. Because sometimes it is fun!  And it seems to very, very easy for me to forget that.

2. Finish drawing Fall Mailer and send it off to get printed.

3.  Get a wholesale account for Magnetic Kids.

4.  Make a list of blogs, and then contact 3 each week for both Magnetic Kids, and Other Such Things shop.  Ask if you can do a give-away for Other Such Things.

5. Be brave and buy an expensive printer.  It will be worth it.

6.  Use said printer and put some prints in Other Such Things!

7.  Make a letter mobile.  Or two. List in Other Such Things shop.

8.  Research holiday guides.  Ideas anyone?

9.  Go. to. the. beach. Contrary to popular belief, September at the beach is lovely.

10.  Get a dog.  yup, I dare me.  (The gorgeous pup modeling in the above photo is Miss Dottie, who lives in New York with her lovely parents and kitty sisters.  We miss them all the time.)

10 For real.  (c’mon we’re not gonna get a dog just cause its on my September Goals list.  We are waiting patiently for the right one to find us.  So patiently.) Think about updating portfolio site: new homepage?  add pencil drawings? new spot for them?  Add “as seen in” section?


Here’s how I did on my August Goals:

1.  Send out new Mailers at the end of the month.

Happening tonight! In front of guilty pleasure tv brought to me by hulu!

2.  Start sketches for a fall mailer.

yup.  Though emphasis on “start”

3.  Contact 3 more agents about possibly representing me.

Just contacted one as I’ve been reading it’s rude to contact more than one at the same time…

4.  Go to the beach. Its August and I haven’t been yet.  Not even once.  And now I live in the “Ocean State.”

I cannot believe this didn’t happen.  Seriously.  Pathetic.  The hurricane really put a damper on my plans.  Well, I’m going to Martha’s Vineyard in a few weeks…

5.  Add a newsletter sign up page to my site and blog.

6. Contact Thumbtack Press to see if they’re interested in carrying any of my work as prints.

7.  Send out a newsletter announcing opening of my online shop.

Sign up for my newsletter by clicking here!  And get a little goodie!

8. Make a list of possible wholesale stores for Magnetic Kids. (what’s Magnetic Kids? My new{ish} project in the works!)

9. Finish Magnetic Kids wholesale line sheet.

10. Contact two blogs about my online shop.

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