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Road Trip “Reading”

June 30, 2011

road trip

It’s the summer and that means weekend road trips to various parts of scenic New England! And I’m wondering if any of you have some audio book recommendations?

We usually spend our long trips having long rambling talks about our possible future and then catching up on Radio Lab and This American Life. But driving to Joshua Tree a few weeks ago, we substituted NPR for BossyPants. (And even if you’ve read it, the audio book is worth a listen because Tina Fey reads it herself.) It was awesome.

I’m not an avid audio book listener, as I’ve assumed that I prefer reading books the old fashioned way. But Ms Fey’s reading led me to wonder if there aren’t other books that are great, if not better, to listen to?

We just downloaded from the library the Game of Thrones* for this weekend’s drive. But that’s just one book. (–we both agreed that we wouldn’t read ahead of the show. I know, kind of backward. But the show is so good.)

So, any ideas? Thoughts? What audio books do you love?


*Edit: Did you know the audio book for A Game of Thrones is 33 hours long?!

Working Wednesday: Trends as Inspiration

June 29, 2011

Pantone Swatch

I just stumbled across an unexpected (for me) source of inspiration: Design Trends.

Prompted by The Academy’s insightful article “How to use Design Trends To Guide Your Marketing Activity, Part 1”, I clicked over to Etsy’s Merchandising Desk column in their blog. After reading their July post, I was brimming with ideas.

Now some of you, who are good worker bees, are thinking “duh.” But maybe there are others out there like me, who only give trend forecasts a cursory glance. It seemed so dry before, and perhaps a bit limiting, and even a little like cheating. “Use these colors right. now.” But something clicked today and I realized these lists can be a great source of inspiration.

The above links are great resources if you’re interested in checking out the latest trends.

Words of Wisdom

June 28, 2011

 Words by Kate Nash. Art by Maren of Frau Zucker.

Via MarvelousKiddo.  

Video Monday: Walk Down The “Aisle”

June 27, 2011

Video Mondays

So far this is the only video we have from our wedding, (thanks Henry!) but it’s a pretty darn cute one.

In place of traditional flower girls and ring bearers, we asked the many kids invited to participate in a “Kid Parade.”  After G, his parents, and our siblings, walked down  in silence, the kid parade– blowing horns and banging drums– walked my parents and I down the aisle.  The cheering and clapping were wonderful surprises!  We laughed the whole time while making our way through the crowd. (At the end of the video, we’re laughing because my dad went to “lift my veil” and we all realized we forgot to put it over my face. ha.)

Not your traditional walk down the aisle, but it was a truly perfect beginning to our wedding.

We’re Back!

June 24, 2011

Fat Orange Cat Studios

After a very long radio silence, we are back!  And we are married!  And, certainly most exciting for this neck of the woods, we have a proper working camera!

Tales of weddings, diy projects, run ins with scorpions, and travel ideas will commence on Monday. Huzzah!

Enjoy the weekend, folks.

The above picture from our wedding was taken by the very talented Li Ward at Fat Orange Cat Studio.  More on her later!

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