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Konichiwa (aka Sammy’s in Japan!)

March 20, 2009


image from Sweet Grass productions

image from Sweet Grass productions

My little brother, Sam, touched down in Hokkaido, Japan two nights ago.  He’s there to work with friends and their company, SweetGrass Productions, on a snowboarding film sponsored by Patagonia.  Apparently Sweet Grass has been there for months and their teaser looks amazing:


In other, pales-in-contrast, traveling news, I’m headed to Brooklyn for my friend Lila’s birthday this weekend.  Should be good times…

All The Pretty Horses

March 16, 2009

On Saturday, Jane took me and her dog for a walk to see the brand new baby horses around the corner from her house.  They had the longest legs…

They were just like human kids– running and jumping, staying close and generally annoying their moms, until they abruptly fell asleep.  

Its kind of crazy they’re basically born walking.  Apparently those little guys were only a few days old.  

Everybody was nice and furry.  

And curious about their visitors.  

We should have brought apples.

SXSW Excitement! and a glimpse of the shop…

March 15, 2009

The Mister is in Austin, TX at SXSW. About a year ago, he and his design partner  created the site Eric Piasecki: StockSearch.

And now its a finalist in 12th Annual SXSW Interactive Web Awards Presented by Adobe!  The site is gorgeous and I am beyond thrilled and proud of him.  Yay!  What a lucky duck: SXSW two years in a row!

In other exciting news:

It has been FOREVER since I sold anything in my poor little Etsy shop. But here’s a preview of the drawings I’ve been working on that will be for sale soon.

 So far I’m doing a bear series, a reindeer, and I think after visiting some colts with Jane yesterday, I’ll have to do a baby horse series as well. They’re all hand-drawn in ink over collaged vintage paper.

March 14, 2009

I was in New York last weekend for a few days.  And we kept busy!  Dinner parties, brunch(es), playdates, Broadway, the Mister even spent the day at the office (–most of the time he telecommutes and works at home.)  Besides getting to see a bunch of friends–young and old– the highlights included:

Nice new friends: Carnivalesque Films

Brunch at Papacitos in Greenpoint

Will Ferrel (!!!!!) You’re Welcome America

My first Five Guys experience

Momofuku, Noodle Bar

Some really yummy frozen yogurt that I am forgetting the name of– it was like a dessert salad bar

Those notes above from my favorite girls…

I tried to make a trip to Sahadi’s but my heart wasn’t in it.  The thought of dragging around more stuff, delicious as it would have been, was not appealing.  

Did you notice that almost everything on the list was a food item?  We meant to make a list of foods we wanted to “visit” while we were there, but it turns out we did pretty well without one.  

One of the most notable parts of the weekend was WE DIDN’T GET LOST driving there OR back! It was a miracle.  And I conquered my fear of driving in the big city.  Incredible. 

Anyhow, now that we’re home safe and sound, I’ve been working on new drawings… for my shop!  More about those later…



Happy Birthday Austin!

March 13, 2009

You’ve had a big year, lady. And there’s more fun things ahead! 

I miss you. I hope you’re getting tan over there.

Happy Birthday!

Illustration Friday: Intricate

March 12, 2009

She had the most intricate hair…

Its hand-drawn in pencil, then inked, scanned, and finally, colored digitally.   While I’m not quite done playing around with my site, you can see more of my new work, in this style, here.

Header change…

March 1, 2009

While I’m doing a portfolio update, I thought a bit of tweaking to my actual site might be nice as well.  Unfortunately, I’m not up for a total overhaul, but happily, I think the general design holds up still.  I would like to change the header a bit though.  

This is what the portfolio page looks like now:



And I’m thinking something like this?


So basically replacing the bird.  And I guess changing the font color(s?).

Is that too crazy? Cluttered? It sure isn’t subtle.  I tried this design with more muted versions of the colors and it seemed… lacking.  

Like the colors were muted.

Part of me kind of likes it and I feel like I could make it work with some tweaking– so you didn’t lose my name etc.  But I think I’ll try some other color variations, but also work up some new designs as well.

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