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New Math=Very Clever

October 25, 2010

Have you guys seen the site New Math?

New Math image

I think it’s pretty amusing.

A Little Bonkers + Homemade Chalk!

October 21, 2010

Agh going a bit bonkers here.  Work is busy (YAY!) and I’m rowing at the Head of The Charles Regatta this Saturday in a “sweeps” (8 person) boat (another YAY!)  Thrilled about both, but its been hectic-making.

No matter– Head over here for the coolest tutorial you’ve ever seen!  Homemade Sidewalk Chalk!!

homemade chalk

From Oh My! Handmade Goodness.

Star in LMNOP’s next issue (aka win a FREE portrait from ME!)

October 20, 2010


I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with the wonderful LMNOP magazine!

You “send in your child’s photo (a portrait style is best), together with their dearest (or craziest) Christmas wish in 25 words or less. We’ll select the best five entries to be illustrated by Gaia herself and they will appear in a special feature in our bumper Holiday Issue.

What’s more, the winners will receive a print of their illustrations as a Christmas gift from us!”  Head on over here to check it out and get more details!

Edit: I should add I do portraits on a regular basis as well!  Click here for more info!

Make a Leaf Crown!

October 15, 2010

What a fun craft project, especially on a windy day like today!  And all you need are some brightly-colored, fall leaves.

The directions in full are here, from Twig and Toadstool.

Found via Marvelous Kiddo blog.

October Goals

October 12, 2010

Decorating Cookies sketch
Hmm I haven’t posted goals here in a while.  Not because I haven’t been doing them, more that the lists seem to be continually in flux and I’ve been adjusting weekly.  However, I kind of miss having one big list to look at, so here is October– if a little late:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Work on final drawing/layout for Uppercase’s Work/Life promo book.
  3. Order postcards
  4. Address and mail them out!
  5. Cold call two companies a week to get submissions information.
  6. Work on next postcard design.
  7. Get the word out about doing portraits!  (I’d love to draw YOUR portrait!  Go here for more info!)

Above is a sketch I have–at least for now– given up on coloring.  Man, it was a mess.  I like that kid though.

Jenny Bowers for Kate Spade

October 6, 2010

Kate Spade’s art direction is pretty spectacular.  Check out these images from illustrator Jenny Bowers for their paper line…

Swoon… right?  Click below for an interview with her, from their “Behind the Curtain” series.

Man, serious eye candy.

On Illustration:

October 5, 2010 Borrowed Dreams

I spotted the link to this list on Twitter. Its so good, its worth posting again:

• You learn to draw by drawing.
• People that are better than you are just better than you because they’ve had more practice.
• Draw VERBS, not nouns. – Walt Stanchfield
• Turn everything you paint to greyscale (digitally). If it looks like a grey soup, you f*cked up.
• If you’re not sure what good values look like, look at screen stills from B/W movies, like Citizen Kane.
• You learn to draw by drawing.
• 50 bad illustrations might yield one good one. You learn to draw by drawing.
• Sometimes you gotta draw it 6 or 7 times.
• Use sharp edges for only important things, practice hierarchy and contrast. Have a focal point.
• If you’re going to give someone a jewel, don’t surround it with shiny things. – Paul Hudson
• Saturate your eyes and brain with work that is better than what you can do. Then put it all away
and start working.
• Progress, not Perfection.
• Schedule time to utterly fail. – Iain McCaig
• Take reference, it’s easier that way. Don’t make stuff up if you don’t have to. If it doesn’t exist,
figure out how to take a picture of it anyway. Use cardboard, clay, macaroni… doesn’t matter.
• Doubt can only be removed by ACTION. – Goethe
• Use the best materials you can possibly afford. You’re already fighting a battle. Don’t fight the materials.
Find pencils/brushes/paper that feel good.
• Does it work in greyscale? Does it work at postage-stamp size? Does it work reversed? Upside down?
• Do what you love, other people will love it too. – Z

Good stuff, right?

The list, (and the gorgeous illustration!) is from the, obviously very talented, Brooklyn “illustration duo” Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon’s blog, Teetering Bulb.  Thanks for posting it!


October 1, 2010

These colors are making me happy.

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