Art Show

A few weekends ago I participated in an art show at the boathouse where I row. And I forgot to take pictures.  Which is ridiculous, but basically my M.O. lately.  Darn.  However these are a couple of the images I displayed.  They’re pen and ink, with collaged bits of vintage paper.  And the one above has some water color as well.

It was a small, pretty low key show of the boathouse member’s, ie rower’s, work.  Who knew I was in such good company?  Apparently, a lot of artists row in the Seekonk!  Anyhow it was a gorgeous evening on the river and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Thanks to my parents and friends who came out.

Here’s an, unfortunately incomplete, list of the artists who showed:

As I row at 5 am these days, it was especially nice to connect with other rowers. Besides my team, there are only a few other people crazy enough to be up at that time.  And several people pointed out that it was fun to see teammates in their “regular” clothes, perhaps looking a little nicer than usual.  –No one cares much about looking nice pre sunrise.

2 Responses to “Art Show”

  1. siescierto Says:

    I like that bear print a lot. I wish I had more walls to put up stuff!

  2. andothersuchthings Says:

    ooh thanks! It’s actually not a print… Its an original pen and ink drawing and there’s only one like it at the moment:) Though making prints of it is a good idea!

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