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The IOU Project

May 30, 2011

Video Mondays

Have you heard of the IOU Project?
“…an easy-to-wear line of clothing based on the idea that each piece is handmade and completely unique. The uniqueness of each item allows us to provide traceability right down to the weaver that hand-wove the fabric.”

IOU Project                                      IOU Project

I randomly came across them, and was so inspired by the idea, I bought a dress and scarf for our honeymoon coming up.   The only  bummer is that I forgot to check who made my items! Fingers crossed they add a note to my order.  I’ll let you know when I get it!


Birthday/Bachelorette Weekend in NYC

May 24, 2011
Last weekend I was in NYC for a joint Birthday/pretend Bachelorette frolic with my friend Mandy– who’s getting married the week after us!  We had such a blast.  Here are the highlights:

We started the weekend’s festivities with a trip to the magical Spa Castle in Queens.  Have you been?  It’s insane.  It’s as if you tossed a mall and a spa together, with a dash of Disney World.  It was really fun and I recommend it to everybody.  You can kind of make it as relaxing and spa like as you want, or just stick to the more water park-ish parts filled with kids.  I think we even spotted a few birthday parties going on.  Our only regret was that we couldn’t stay longer than a few hours.  We had to leave to catch an early (sold out!) screening of Bridesmaids. Which of course was awesome.  (Random note, G also saw Bridesmaids last weekend, but with a bunch of dudes at Mandy’s better half’s bachelor party.)
Judd Apatow + Kristen Wiig + Maya Rudolph + Paul Feig= my idea of heaven.  (Ok sure, I could have done without all the gross-out humor, but still, I was laughing during it.)  And how great is Melissa McCarthy?  She’s so under-appreciated. I tried not to watch too many trailers ahead of time, but I just found this one and happily it actually uses a bunch of clips (or at least lines) that didn’t make the final cut. So have at it:
Our day ended at Radegast Hall in Williamsburg with dear, dear friends who I haven’t seen in ages.  It was so good to see everyone. (Williamsburg is cra-aazy by the way.  2001 does not compare to 2011.  I know, Ms Obvious, here. But, still.)
warby parker glasses
On Sunday I managed to get over to Warby Parker’s showroom and finally got to use my gift certificate from Christmas.  I chose the above pair–which technically are listed as ‘sold out’ online, but apparently if you visit the showroom they have a few left in stock.  Just a little tip if you’re in the area. 

Before skipping town, Jane got us provisions at our friend’s wonderful Vic’s Bagel Bar in Murray Hill. Yummers.  I had forgotten that New Yorkers are the ones who really know that you need to slather on the cream cheese. Other cities, who toss you a little cream cheese container, are just mistaken.  You really need a pound of cream cheese to properly enjoy a bagel.  Preferably with custom “mix-ins” a la Vic’s.  (FYI my brother took their product photos.)
We managed to pack a lot of other things in– awesome dinners, shopping, some lazing around and much needed catching up.  What a great weekend.

Lucky girl.

Video Mondays: BabyCakes New Cookbook!

May 23, 2011

Video Mondays

I’ve been gluten free for almost three years, and haven’t had a donut in nearly as long!  (You know its bad when driving past a Dunkin’ Donuts billboard makes your mouth water.) Recently, I re-remembered my love for bakery BabyCakes after I stumbled over their new cookbook…with donut recipes?!- Shut up.  Her recipes are  vegan and gluten-free, and contain little-to-no sugar.  A girl with food sensitivities dream!  It’s love…

Oh BabyCakes, I’m so glad I found you again.

PS. I should add, the cookbook’s going to come in handy this weekend when I bake our little wedding cake!

PPS. I’m sorry I’ve been absent from this space!  Work + upcoming wedding has been tricky to juggle and unfortunately my poor blog caught the brunt of it.  Ah well.  Things will be a bit spotty until the end of June…

Video Monday: Press Pause, Play

May 9, 2011

Video Mondays

Can’t wait to see this.

Via Swiss Miss.

Children’s Book Week!

May 3, 2011

Did you know it was Children’s Book Week?  Me either. But what fun!  You can find events in your area right here.  And the above poster of Lucy and her “pet” Squeaker, (from Children Make Terrible Pets fame,) by Peter Brown, is available here.

Yay books!

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