Sept Goals + August Goals Recap

I did really well on my August goals– see below.  I think reading and then posting that bit about ” ‘quick implementation’ being the key to success” was a bit of dare for me.  Like, I dare you to finish this list.  And it worked.  So I double-dog-dare me this month:

1.  Make a list of all the reasons marketing is fun. Because sometimes it is fun!  And it seems to very, very easy for me to forget that.

2. Finish drawing Fall Mailer and send it off to get printed.

3.  Get a wholesale account for Magnetic Kids.

4.  Make a list of blogs, and then contact 3 each week for both Magnetic Kids, and Other Such Things shop.  Ask if you can do a give-away for Other Such Things.

5. Be brave and buy an expensive printer.  It will be worth it.

6.  Use said printer and put some prints in Other Such Things!

7.  Make a letter mobile.  Or two. List in Other Such Things shop.

8.  Research holiday guides.  Ideas anyone?

9.  Go. to. the. beach. Contrary to popular belief, September at the beach is lovely.

10.  Get a dog.  yup, I dare me.  (The gorgeous pup modeling in the above photo is Miss Dottie, who lives in New York with her lovely parents and kitty sisters.  We miss them all the time.)

10 For real.  (c’mon we’re not gonna get a dog just cause its on my September Goals list.  We are waiting patiently for the right one to find us.  So patiently.) Think about updating portfolio site: new homepage?  add pencil drawings? new spot for them?  Add “as seen in” section?


Here’s how I did on my August Goals:

1.  Send out new Mailers at the end of the month.

Happening tonight! In front of guilty pleasure tv brought to me by hulu!

2.  Start sketches for a fall mailer.

yup.  Though emphasis on “start”

3.  Contact 3 more agents about possibly representing me.

Just contacted one as I’ve been reading it’s rude to contact more than one at the same time…

4.  Go to the beach. Its August and I haven’t been yet.  Not even once.  And now I live in the “Ocean State.”

I cannot believe this didn’t happen.  Seriously.  Pathetic.  The hurricane really put a damper on my plans.  Well, I’m going to Martha’s Vineyard in a few weeks…

5.  Add a newsletter sign up page to my site and blog.

6. Contact Thumbtack Press to see if they’re interested in carrying any of my work as prints.

7.  Send out a newsletter announcing opening of my online shop.

Sign up for my newsletter by clicking here!  And get a little goodie!

8. Make a list of possible wholesale stores for Magnetic Kids. (what’s Magnetic Kids? My new{ish} project in the works!)

9. Finish Magnetic Kids wholesale line sheet.

10. Contact two blogs about my online shop.

10 Responses to “Sept Goals + August Goals Recap”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I’m such a sucker for a cute dog picture! You were a busy little beaver in August, now get yourself to the beach girl! (Totally jealous as we have a lot of “beach” here in Phoenix, but no ocean). Best of luck with September.

  2. My @ tha Hotness Says:

    Congratulation on an amazing job of getting so many thing accomplished in August. Good luck with the coming month.

  3. Liz Says:

    Hi Gaia
    Amazing cross offs for August, love that, it gives me hope for my own list! Firstly, I really really hope you get to the beach before winter, I hope the perfect pup finds you AND I hope you are as productive in September too!

  4. Deb Says:

    Hiya, you got a lot done for August, hope Sept is just as good! Good luck on your goals & finding a puppy! 🙂 deb

  5. Cyn Says:

    Great work and I love your goals for this month. I need to adopt the “marketing is fun” idea. It’s a struggle for me. And a dog – yea! Can’t wait to see which dog adopts you. Good luck, Gaia!

  6. SaraEllen Says:

    Great job! Thanks for the reminder … I need to update my goals and check my progress as well. Your work is adorable btw. Cheers.

  7. andothersuchthings Says:

    Thanks so much you guys! Yes, we are waiting for a dog to adopt us:) That’s it exactly!

  8. Cheryl Says:

    Amazing! Almost everything crossed off for August– hope Sept is just as good! Can’t wait to read updates about finding a dog. I’m a huge dog lover and dog mama (english bulldog) 🙂

  9. ann marie Says:

    Thanks for your comments about my blog challenge. Are you interested in participating?

    You have a great blog and website. Beautiful work, too!

  10. andothersuchthings Says:

    Hey Ann Marie,
    I think I am actually! I guess I’ll post my “entries” here…? I’ll let you know too!
    Thanks for the kind words… This will be fun!

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