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Marketing Plan

April 29, 2009

One of my goals for Modish Biz Tip’s Monthly Goal Meetup was to develop a 6 month marketing plan for myself.  Here’s the basic outline of what I decided I should be doing marketing-wise every month:

•Newletter. Email to friends/family, clients, agents, “co-workers”

•Postcards. I’m going to mail at least 5 postcards a year.  So each month I’ll be either designing, printing, or mailing a promotional postcard.  (I like Overnight Prints, but recently used Got Print after it was recommended on a blog by another illustrator  Lauren Minco.  I was really happy with the results. See, that’s the front of my new postcard up there!)

•Etsy.  Produce and list one new item for the shop

•I’ll keep HAI! (Hire An Illustrator) up to date with postcards and any news I have regarding illustration work.

•Blog weekly.

•Networking. Find a local event and attend it.  When my etsy shop is up to par I’d like to join the local R.I. “street team.”  

I laid out May through September with more specific items pertaining to the individual month.  And that’s it.

I think this is a good beginning.  I’m hoping after a few months, I can up the ante by contacting blogs and magazines about my work, but I think this basic outline is pretty good for now.


April 28, 2009

I mentioned yesterday our food for the wedding was a success.  

 Somehow it all went from this:

to this:

We can’t take all the credit.  Actually the wonderful caterer Tamara, of The Sunday Night Dinner, deserves a good deal of it!  She took our food shoved into tupperware containers, (and food from lots of other people) and turned it all into that magical buffet you see up there.  Not to mention all the delicious food she prepared, the wonderful bar tender, and her assistant (Melissa, I think her name was?)  They all worked so hard, and everything tasted and looked incredible. If you’re in the New York area and have an event coming up, I know everyone there that night would recommend them.

Wedding Wrap Up

April 27, 2009

We’re back in Providence, still recovering from the wedding weekend of fun.   Gorgeous weather! Lots of dancing! Our food was a success! But most importantly… our friends got married!

 And it was completely beautiful and wonderful. 

Congratulations you two!

Photo by by Nishat

Photo by by Nishat

Preparing a meal for a gaggle of guests

April 22, 2009

We’re so excited!  This weekend our friends are getting married and we’re preparing some of the food!  Which means cooking for about 80.  I think about 120 people are actually attending, but as a bunch of people are participating in the food portion of the night, plus a caterer, we’re only worrying about 80 portions. Only.  Incredibly, or perhaps just ignorantly, we are actually not worried at all.   Our menu is:

  • Roasted Lamb with Minted Yogurt, and Spicy Mixed Fruit Chutney
  • Three Rice Salad, with jicama, cranberries, cabbage and parsley.  

We got everything, excluding the lamb, yesterday.  And I did a bunch of the chopping last night.  Tonight we’ll pick up the lamb legs, marinate them and make the chutney.  Tomorrow we’ll roast (or grill, weather permitting,) the lamb, and make the rice salad.  Friday we drive it all to Brooklyn, add the finishing touches and then chow down that evening.  Whoo!

Regardless of the food, its going to be such a lovely wedding.  I really cannot wait!


April 15, 2009

Still working on my goals for the Monthly Goal Meetup at Modish Biz Tips.  Now that I’m actually getting them done, I’m realizing some of them need to be amended a bit.  Isn’t that always the way?  For example:

Goal 2. Go over and update contact list.  

I should really differentiate my email from my mailing contact lists.  They’re two different animals, at least right now.  I (should) have several email lists, clients and business contacts, friends and family, and then the businesses/art directors I’d like to contact individually.  My (new) mailing list will include a few of my existing clients, but mostly will be reaching out to new clients.  Hopefully in the future these will meld a bit, but since my work is a little different, I’m trying to reach new and different clients. 


Goal 2 A.  Go over and update email contact lists.

Goal 2 B. Go over and update mailing list. 

 And then there are the goals that take more than one step to accomplish.  Because I’m basically five years old, crossing out steps is really motivating for me, so I should add those in.  

Goal3. Finish designing postcard mailer, get it printed and mailed.  

Its on its way to the printers but let me add :

•Buy stamps and labels. 

•Print out labels and stick them on.

And Goal 6. List two new items on Etsy.  Let’s add

• Pick two items that would be A fun to produce, B. cost effective, C. Relatively easy.  

•Come up with price points for them.  

• Make, or have them made. 

• Photos.

• Figure out shipping materials. 

See? It will be way more fun to cross off  seven things, than just two.  And it will help me stay on track.

Anyways… I’m crossing things off slowly but surely.  

On another note, the image above is one of my new ones.  I’m hoping my backyard will look like that in a few months!


Goals with Modish

April 9, 2009

The wonderful blog Modish Biz Tips is having a Monthly Goal Meetup  the first Friday of every month.  She’s asking people to list 5 business-related goals to meet within a month.  

So here are mine:

1.  Contact 3 illustration agents in regards to repping me.

2. Go over and update contact list.

3. Finish designing postcard mailer, get it printed and mailed.

4. Email contact list announcing new site and new work, asking if they’d like to be on my mailing list.

5. Get “Hello” postcard printed. (That’s it at the top.)

6. List two new items on Etsy. 

7. Outline a 6 month marketing plan for myself.

8. Update my site and Hire an Illustrator with new work.

These are all little(ish) naggling things that I kind of dread doing.  Mostly.  I hope they’re the kind of things that are not so bad, or even fun, once I get going.  

I think putting your goals out there  is a great thing to be doing.  My friend Jane and I have been having regular meetings to talk and keep ourselves on track.  Last year in Brooklyn I was in a similar group who met every two or three weeks to discuss progress on our individual projects.  I’m excited to have one more outlet to keep myself moving in the right direction!

Welcome back.

April 8, 2009

There’s been a lot going on around here, so there’s lots to talk about. Like birthdays! and presents that were made. New dresses, ladies trip to New York, rowing in the rain, lunch with dear girlfriends from forever ago, a lovely dinner, taxes… and having a big dog visitor.

We got to dog sit for our friends for a few days. Samson is a wonderful old-ish German Shepherd. So laid back and sweet. We went on lumbering walks through the neighborhood. We drove around with him and laughed at how exciting the car ride was. We told him to lie down in his bed and… he did! The mister and I looked at each other in shock as it occurred to us that dogs are not cats. How lovely!

He was so calm the kitties decided he was mostly alright.

Our idyllic dog time ended with our ninety pound visitor napping in bed with the mister.  

An occurrence, only hours earlier, we couldn’t imagine happening.  But Samson was happy to convince us otherwise.

oh look at that little muffin!

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