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Boston Science Museum!

May 5, 2008

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was in Boston last weekend with our film We Are Wizards at the Independent Film Festival of Boston.  We were there for four days and had so much fun.  Not only did the screenings go really well:

But we had fun traipsing around Boston as well, which was a bit surprising as I don’t remember liking Boston all that much.  ( No offense Beantown-ers.)  I went shopping with my mom, got various kinds delicious sushi with my cousins, went bowling and had yummy brunches, but if I had to choose, the tourist highlight was visiting the home of  many happy childhood memories: The Museum of Science, Boston.


I remember going a lot when I was little. It was always a treat to take the train from Providence, or even brave the hour drive, and then be released into this awesome space where we would go tearing about.   (The Boston Children’s Museum was a close second favorite.) Admittedly, its definitely seen better days and is not as impressive as I remember, probably do to my current height, (everything seemed a lot smaller,) as well as a lack of funding.  

But still!:  The omni theater! The stairs that play music when you walk on them! The space shuttle you can go in! 

The Sequoia Tree I fainted in front of on a 7th grade ( 8th grade?) field trip!


 The electric/lightening show!– well we unfortunately missed that, but we did get to play with this:


Plus there was a show on squamates — “the order of legged and legless lizards.” ahem.  That includes snakes by the way.  It was alternately a bit sad, ( those glass terrariums always seem really small, especially accompanied by a placard saying something about how these specifics lizards love to “travel great distances in a day,” ) and then just so cool I mostly forgot about being sad.  Sorry little guys. 

I tried to take photos that captured the cool patterns and texture of their skin.  It mostly didn’t work.  But a few of them did.  


Aren’t they pretty? And look at this cool little guy!




First Growth

May 2, 2008

tomato seedlings

 I spent some time gardening on my roof yesterday.  Apparently my landlord is going to do some work on the actual roof today, and I still had old soil spread out to dry that needed cleaning up, plus lots of seeds to plant and new compost to use, NYC Paydirt, from the Lower East Side Ecology Center. It was such a lovely few hours.  Sunny, with little sprinkles of rain.  The cats scampering around.  

Since its on a roof, everything is in pots and containers.  Yesterday I planted cat grass, Moon Flowers, Morning Glories, Catnip, Snap Dragons, some kind of runner bean vine, and Bachelor Buttons all from seed.  We’ll see how they do.  (An aside: I noticed this morning that the new Illustration Friday subject is Seed.  How perfect! ) I’m really hoping to have lots of leafy vines to wind up the fencing and over the new chicken wire we put up to keep the cats in.  But wouldn’t it look lovely?

I also have basil and four little tomato plants growing in one pot and two ornamental grasses my mother gave me last year.  They looked amazing and huge last summer and I’m really hoping they do just as well this year.  The potato vines look a bit sad so far, but hopefully they’ll catch on.  The tarragon and mint came back from last year.  Which is funny because I assumed they were annuals? But that was a nice surprise.  In fact, they’re doing so well it was time to pinch some off.  

mint and tarragon

That meant mint and tarragon in the breakfast oatmeal this morning!  

According to my favorite gardening site, You Grow Girl, “lightly brushing your hands against tomato leaves stimulates a growth hormone in the plant encouraging radial (aka stockier) growth.”  Isn’t that nice?  I have to go pet my tomatoes.




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