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The Inkling!!!

August 31, 2011

I hardly ever get excited about tech stuff. Even if it’s really cool, somewhere in the back of my head I’m dreading learning how to use the darn thing. Or thinking about how, frankly, incorporating anything new into my work process tends to be a drag. I know, I’m a bummer.

But last night, both G and my brother Sam sent me a link to The Inkling from Wacom.  And. I. am. SO. excited. Basically it’s a magical ballpoint pen that allows you to save the work you’ve drawn on paper digitally.

I’m practically hyperventelating.

Watch this video and then come join me on the floor.

Whaddya think? Has anyone used one? And crucial question: what do you think about the pen itself?

Now to scrape $200 bucks together…


“Snacks of the Great Scribblers”

August 30, 2011

Did you guys spot this  in the NY Times a few weeks ago?  Wendy Macnaughton asked writers what they munch on while they write and this is what she came up with. (I think I like Truman Capote’s the best.)

Mine would be gum and coffee. What about you?


August 29, 2011

Video Mondays








Ok apparently, I can’t stop talking about this stupid movie, but I thought you should know, I finally brought myself to watch the trailer for the original. It’s not it. Darn.

Any horror-film buffs out there? Remember any mid-80s movies featuring little grey people, possibly in a fancy house of some sort, who were really mean?

On another note, the puppets in this version are pretty sweet, no?




Scary Movie Update

August 29, 2011

Rustic Drive-In Theater

An update on the scary movie outing.

I survived.

You were right, Fright Night was not so scary.  I think watching True Blood has dulled my fear of anything blood+vampires.  As expected, it didn’t quite live up the original. G was not impressed. He actually fell asleep soon after, during the beginning of  Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark.

I thought about driving home, but then stubbornly watched the whole darn thing. All alone. (-Obviously not counting my snoring husband, the dog in the back and the hundreds of other cars there.)

I am happy to say, my second-grade-self, and I, are now not afraid of little goblins who like to kidnap small children.

So there.

Photo by michigandriveins, on Flickr

Going to the Drive-In

August 26, 2011


We’re headed to the Drive-In tonight for the 2nd time this summer! Yeah, we’re gonna sneak in before we get slapped with a hurricane tomorrow. And because I’m really brave, and a super nice wife, we’re going to see Fright Night and Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark.

I do not watch scary movies.

Well, I like thrillers, but anything horror? No thank you. When I was pretty young (second grade?) I slept over a friend’s house and for some reason they let us watch two terrifying films. I remember her older brother and parents laughing, and peeking out from my sleeping bag, I was completely baffled. This was not funny stuff. In hindsight, I’m sure they were super cheesey, but growing up in a tv-free household I was not equipped to deal with movie monsters of any kind. I never knew what the films were, but they haunted me for years. Seriously, I can’t get into a lake without picturing a swamp monster. People have said that one was probably Swamp Thing, or something. But the one with little grey people, who were really angry, and mean for no apparent reason, and weirdly strong? Not a clue.

Needless to say, I never saw Fright Night growing up, and so am lacking the fond memories that make watching the remake interesting and desirable. G is very excited. (And did I mention how great of a wife I am?) I also figure watching it in our car outside, with a bunch of other people around, and my dog in the back seat to protect me, all will be well.

So in the spirit of gearing up for tonight, I did a bit of research to see what I was getting into:  Mean vampires, check. Haunted house…fine.  Little gremlin people in said house that steel…Wait. WHAT-the??

I now have a sneaking suspicion that the 1973, Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark tv movie is one of two films that forever damaged my fragile childhood psyche.

But I’m too scared to watch the trailer and find out.

Working Wednesday: Using Video To Highlight Your Business

August 24, 2011

Ok, I admit it.  I originally just wanted an excuse to show a video about making blueberry (muffin!!) ice cream. (Which we will do, pronto.)  But then I realized that this particular piece, by Claire Thomas from Kitchy Kitchen blog, is a perfect example of using video to beautifully highlight your work.

A lot of “promo” videos feel like they get an A+ for content, but they don’t look so hot.  Sure, you get past it if it’s clever, or has some kind of hook, but why not shoot for something of this quality? I assume she didn’t have a huge crew or budget, and the concept is simple. But damn, if it doesn’t look just fabulous.

I found Kitchy Kitchen through a friend, and after seeing this video, they now have a new reader. Quite effective marketing I would say.

What about you? Do you use videos on your website? What are some of your favorite videos? Any ideas for me?

Check out Kitchy TV for more inspiration.  The wheels are turning folks!

Home again, home again…

August 22, 2011

Phew! We’re back from an epic whirlwind trip:

  • Wednesday night: Fly to San Jose, CA. Visit family in Berkeley and San Francisco.
  • Friday morning: Train to Sacramento, then drive to Nevada City for a couple We Are Wizards screenings at the Nevada City Film Festival.
  • Saturday night: Catch a –delayed, boo– red-eye to New York.
  • Sunday morning: Get in just in time to sneak in a visit to Josh and Trisha’s fabulous new apartment and then off to Mandy and Henry’s bowling-wedding-party-extravaganza at Brooklyn Bowl.  (See picture above.)
  • Sunday evening: catch Metro North to Connecticut for mexican food with G’s brother.
  • Monday morning: train to Providence, RI and then a taxi to…home!

If only we had taken a ferry as well… Or a hot air balloon. Clearly, we were trying to see how many different modes of transportation we could utilize in five days.

Thanks for a wonderful time everybody!

Working Wednesday: Sheryl Sandberg at TED

August 17, 2011

I had a different post planned for today, but I spotted this TED talk over at Pitch and it blew me away.  What do you think about Sheryl Sandberg’s, COO of Facebook, talk about women in the workforce?







New Work: Happy Garden

August 16, 2011

Happy Garden!

I just finished this piece.  I’ve been trying to work more efficiently, not agonizing over initial pencil sketches. I think it was a success!

Video Monday: Ira Glass

August 15, 2011

Video Mondays

I don’t really think of myself as a “beginner” per say, but I suppose in the grand scheme of things I could look back in twenty years and realize that yes, this was the beginning of my career.  A comforting thought.

Have you seen this illustrated video of Ira Glass, by David Shiyang Liu, talking about being a beginner?  It’s wonderful.  So if you feel like you’re trudging along and need some encouragement, look no further.

(Lovely, animation as well!)

“Do a lot of work!”

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