Double Birthday…

Happy late birthday to my sister Faith, and her husband Bruno!  We filled Saturday night with beers, a projected soccer game, grilled steaks, and a rainbow cake!

Unfortunately, in the excitement, only a couple of our photos really came out… But check out those rainbow stripes!

edit: oops!  I meant to include the recipe I used.  A quick search resulted in many recipes, some more free-form, but the most gorgeous one and our inspiration is from Whisk Kid.  We accidentally had to skimp on the frosting, but she knocks hers outta the park…

2 Responses to “Double Birthday…”

  1. Denise Says:

    Wow so fun to see the cake i’ve heard so much about! wildly bright rainbow- are those Brazilian colors? got the blue in there too?

    And Gaia I love your Moleskin notebook drawings! How fun…

  2. ann marie Says:

    That is a cool cake! 🙂

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