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Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

April 30, 2008

Hello IF readers!  Hope you’re having fun with the subject I picked out…

Does anyone like Naked Mole Rats besides me? Anyone?… No?  Well, that’s too bad.  Yes, they are a little gross, like anyone would be without any fur and just lots of wrinkly skin.  But they can do all kinds of cool stuff– like move backwards just as fast as forwards, chew through almost anything– even concrete. And they have special blood that processes oxygen so well that they don’t need much of it.  They live in colonies and have a queen, similar to bees.

Are you in love yet?  

If not, you should watch Errol Moris’ Fast, Cheap and Out of Control.  


And then you’ll understand what you’ve been missing.  



I Crochet!

April 28, 2008

So this past winter I picked up the book Kids Crochet by Kelli Ronci.  For a while now I’ve been jealous of various people in my life who are avid knitters.  And not just ordinary knitters– You should see what Mandy made me for Christmas!  Its ridiculous! and deserves its own post, which it shall have. So you’ll have to wait for photos.  Though you can see more of her ridiculousness at her blog, This is Knit. I mean, a tweed 1930’s coat?! Argyle this and that?! Are you kidding me? No, she’s not kidding.  Anyhow, these people happily tote their amazing knitting projects here and there, and I’m left feeling lame that knitting and I never clicked.  Though all of these people have tried.  They really have.  But then I discovered that book. (I’m pretty sure I have Lena Corwin to thank for that.  Her drawings are so lovely…I’m drawn to everything she does. )

I don’t know why, but crocheting feels so different to me. More manageable somehow.  Nice and relaxing.  In a flurry of productivity, I even made a few crocheted Christmas presents.  It was very exciting.  But, here’s the confession: I never actually learned to follow a pattern.  Um.  For some reason that’s been really daunting to me.  I’m so happy to learn new stitches and kind of figure out how to cobble things together and make stuff up as I go. But start-to-finish directions, uh no thanks! not for me apparently.

But then I decided to make a little baby bonnet/hat.  And the whole cobbling-things-together method was suddenly frustrating and just not cutting it.  So at the library I picked up this kind of– well, I’m sorry to say it– dreadful looking, little book at the library.  ( Is it just me, or is crocheting just catching up to the hipness that is knitting at the moment? Not to be a huge snob, but who is designing these books?!  Color blind people, who for some reason want crocheted mouse pads and shrugs circa 1987.  Anyways.)  However gross the various projects looked, the directions were really great, and that’s what counts anyway.  And it had the baby cap pattern I’ve been looking for!  

I decided I was going to follow the pattern exactly.  I understand this might seem like a no-brainer for most people, but its new territory for me.  I measured the gage. I bought a new hook so I had just the right size.  I counted stitches.  I learned a new stitch… And it seems to actually be working!  

At some point this:


Will turn into this:


I just know I can do it.


My Goodness!

April 28, 2008

Apparently my subject submission of “Wrinkles” to Illustration Friday was chosen this week!  Thanks IF! And a special thanks to Velvet for letting me know.  I’ve been at the Independent Film Festival of Boston with We Are Wizards since Thursday.  We got back kind of late last night and between the lack of sleep for the past four days, and with catching up with everything else, I really wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for that note. 

Guess I better do this week’s IF, huh?


Illustration Friday, 1st post

April 8, 2008

I’ve never posted anything to Illustration Friday.  Isn’t that odd?  Its such a cool site and seems like a great community, you’d think I’d be on there every week.  Happily this new drawing seemed to fit this week’s topic: Save.  

Sea Creatures


Hello fellow Illustration Friday goers!  Welcome to my little blog…You should stay a bit and have a look around…

I’m also using this image for my first Illustration Email Promo.  Ta dah. 


Austin, Tx: food

April 1, 2008

So a big part of our trip to Austin was eating.  Are you surprised?  There wasn’t a lot of variety: we basically stuck to BBQ or Mexican the whole time.  But it was good.   Here’s a little taste. BBQ at Stubbs:

greg at stubbs 
Twice.  We took Sam there later.
sam at Stubbs Gerald at Stubbs 
Gueros Taco Bar was really yummy.

 drawing at gueros 
Plus they had these pretty trees outside, that turned from this:
trees trees
to this:
night trees night tree


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