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Video Mondays: BabyCakes New Cookbook!

May 23, 2011

Video Mondays

I’ve been gluten free for almost three years, and haven’t had a donut in nearly as long!  (You know its bad when driving past a Dunkin’ Donuts billboard makes your mouth water.) Recently, I re-remembered my love for bakery BabyCakes after I stumbled over their new cookbook…with donut recipes?!- Shut up.  Her recipes are  vegan and gluten-free, and contain little-to-no sugar.  A girl with food sensitivities dream!  It’s love…

Oh BabyCakes, I’m so glad I found you again.

PS. I should add, the cookbook’s going to come in handy this weekend when I bake our little wedding cake!

PPS. I’m sorry I’ve been absent from this space!  Work + upcoming wedding has been tricky to juggle and unfortunately my poor blog caught the brunt of it.  Ah well.  Things will be a bit spotty until the end of June…


January 10, 2008

Look what came in the mail the other day: 

Alice Waters

Thanks so much Mum!  We love it!  Surprise packages are so fun.  But a surprise cookbook?! by Alice Waters no less! Well. I read the introduction and first chapter over breakfast (French Press coffee and homemade honey bread.  yes, la di da for me,)  yesterday morning.  Anything Alice Waters reminds me of lunch my mom and I had a couple of years ago at her restaurant, Chez Panisse.  We were visiting my sister and now husband, who live in Berkeley.  My mom treated the two of us to lunch and it was amazing… such a wonderful couple of hours.  We kept looking across the table at each other and groaning at the deliciousness. Oh I do recommend splurging there if you ever get the chance.  I wish I had photos.  I think I took some on my old phone, but I’ll have to dig those up.  But in the meantime take a look at these from Flickr.

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