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I spotted the link to this list on Twitter. Its so good, its worth posting again:

• You learn to draw by drawing.
• People that are better than you are just better than you because they’ve had more practice.
• Draw VERBS, not nouns. – Walt Stanchfield
• Turn everything you paint to greyscale (digitally). If it looks like a grey soup, you f*cked up.
• If you’re not sure what good values look like, look at screen stills from B/W movies, like Citizen Kane.
• You learn to draw by drawing.
• 50 bad illustrations might yield one good one. You learn to draw by drawing.
• Sometimes you gotta draw it 6 or 7 times.
• Use sharp edges for only important things, practice hierarchy and contrast. Have a focal point.
• If you’re going to give someone a jewel, don’t surround it with shiny things. – Paul Hudson
• Saturate your eyes and brain with work that is better than what you can do. Then put it all away
and start working.
• Progress, not Perfection.
• Schedule time to utterly fail. – Iain McCaig
• Take reference, it’s easier that way. Don’t make stuff up if you don’t have to. If it doesn’t exist,
figure out how to take a picture of it anyway. Use cardboard, clay, macaroni… doesn’t matter.
• Doubt can only be removed by ACTION. – Goethe
• Use the best materials you can possibly afford. You’re already fighting a battle. Don’t fight the materials.
Find pencils/brushes/paper that feel good.
• Does it work in greyscale? Does it work at postage-stamp size? Does it work reversed? Upside down?
• Do what you love, other people will love it too. – Z

Good stuff, right?

The list, (and the gorgeous illustration!) is from the, obviously very talented, Brooklyn “illustration duo” Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon’s blog, Teetering Bulb.  Thanks for posting it!

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3 Responses to “On Illustration:”

  1. heidi Says:

    This is an outstanding list! I’m trying to remind myself of “Progress, not Perfection” these days because my to-do list is overwhelming. I’m glad you shared this. (+ I love that Jenny Bowers work!)

  2. Kristen Says:

    great stuff!!! Inspiring. “You learn to draw by drawing.” Of course! so simple yet, so easily forgotten. It’s good to remember that art like anything else takes time, practice and lots of redo’s.

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