Illustration Friday, 1st post

I’ve never posted anything to Illustration Friday.  Isn’t that odd?  Its such a cool site and seems like a great community, you’d think I’d be on there every week.  Happily this new drawing seemed to fit this week’s topic: Save.  

Sea Creatures


Hello fellow Illustration Friday goers!  Welcome to my little blog…You should stay a bit and have a look around…

I’m also using this image for my first Illustration Email Promo.  Ta dah. 


13 Responses to “Illustration Friday, 1st post”

  1. rawtoastdesign Says:

    Welcom to IF! Beatiful illo, love your line quality and limited color palette.

  2. Og from the Og Blog Says:

    I enjoy that hat a lot. And the disjointed colors beneath the line work. Great lines, great use of minimal color and wonderfully designed hat.

    Welcome to IF!

  3. pegfussell Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Roberta Baird Says:

    welcome! Your work is wonderful!

  5. Jane Says:

    Let’s get an octopus this fall.

  6. mada * - * Says:

    Really nice work, and welcome to the IF community

  7. gaia Says:

    See? Everyone is so nice…
    Thank you for the wonderful welcome guys!

  8. blazedanielle Says:

    What a great first Illustration Friday! 🙂 Great color and value! 🙂

  9. palma tayona Says:

    i have always wondered how i can actively participate in IF. oh well… i truly love… love… love your Illustration. very elegant.

  10. Gaia Says:

    Hi! Welcome to IF from… another Gaia. 🙂
    Lovely illustration and beautiful details!

  11. dreXeL Says:

    To the NEW GAIA…are you the one I know??? Cuz if you are, it’s good to see you on here!!!! And if you’re not, well…nice to meet you and welcome to IF.

  12. velvet Says:

    hi there.. welcome to IF… your topic was chosen on your second week! and thanks for that great idea my drawing was timely..

    so see you around! drop by my blog sometime..


  13. andothersuchthings Says:

    Another Gaia?! How exciting! Seriously, there don’t seem to be many of us, do there? You know I just met someone who’s sister was Gaia and they were Italian too. Apparently in Italian, “Gaia” means happy? I was named for the Greek goddess/mother earth. I think its great that they’re spelled the same but have different meanings in different languages.

    And dreXeL: Do we know eachother? We both do live in New York…

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