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January 9, 2008

Oh my goodness it is so nice outside!  Its weird, because a lot of times I go most of the day without noticing the weather. My new(ish) desk set-up faces away from the windows, which in the winter are closed.  So I’m lucky I didn’t miss this surprise lovely day.  I just ran around opening all the windows.  I guess its troubling that this day belongs in May while its the beginning of January.  But I’m sure we’ll all be freezing our toes off tomorrow.  I’m going to appreciate being able to air out the apartment…perhaps I’ll even change into a skirt.  gasp.  I’m trying out some new coloring/ compositing techniques today.  Its going well so far… Oh! and I finally updated the shop. Well, a little anyway.  I added in a light plate, and the cutest thank you card ever:

birdie thanks

Some Official Business for the Official New Year:

January 6, 2008




I do not like resolutions.  Especially the New Years variety. But perhaps not for the reasons you would think.  Really, I’m a big chicken.  Yep, the idea of next year having to face a list of unresolved, forgotten resolutions makes me feel sick.  So for the last few years I haven’t made them.  ( Uh, yes there’s another obvious solution to that queasy feeling.  Yes, I know…)  However, this year things need to get done.  Things need to get moving.  

When setting goals, people advise you to look ahead and think about where you’d like to end up.  Then break down all the little steps you need to do to get there.  Work backwards.  For the first time in a while I have some ideas of what I’d like my life to look like in a year.  For a long long time after school I really had no idea where I heading.  I just went with the flow for years.  And it served me well for the most part.  I got to be a part of a lot of great things.  But these days I’m longing for some structure. And some goals.  Some deadlines.   And I suspect all the fun, surprising projects and collaborations will come my way anyhow.  

The Official Business:

My priorities for the year 2008 are

• my illustration career.  Nurturing and expanding it.

• heading to the gym at least four times a week.

doing a drawing a day.  even a little teeny one counts.  But really, this one is about remembering and appreciating how much I love drawing.  Back to my roots, so to speak.   


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