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Featured in the Providence Journal

February 15, 2012

Hey check it out!– Our wedding was featured in the Providence Journal (also known as the Projo around these parts,) in a section about DIY Weddings.  We got interviewed and everything. Was not expecting a full page in color though. Sweet!

And, as always, special thanks to Li Ward from Fat Orange Cat Studios, for the gorgeous wedding photos!

We’re on ‘Oh My! Handmade Goodness!’

August 1, 2011

Jessika asked me to contribute a bit about our wedding to ‘Oh My! Handmade Goodness!‘ to finish up their month of ‘Celebrations’ posts.  You can read a bunch (um, it was hard to stop me once I got going,) about our wedding and decorations, and how we aimed to make the whole day kid-friendly.

Really, most of the tips and ideas could work for any kind of party.  So if you have a shindig coming up, go check it out, as well as all the other posts from July.

It was so much fun to write.  As always, thanks for having me OMHG!

Fat Orange Cat Studio!

July 21, 2011

Our wedding photos from Fat Orange Cat Studios

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of the most lovely package we got in the mail last week.  Can you guess what it is?  Our wedding photographs!


Our wedding photos from Fat Orange Cat Studios

How gorgeous?!  And completely unexpected– to me at least.  I was just waiting for a dvd  in the mail. Not all this.

Our wedding photos from Fat Orange Cat Studios

Plus a custom stamp?  (Which sadly, I did not spot until our camera ran out of juice.)

And can you tell she’s also a calligrapher?  (Deemed one of “Boston’s Best.” Yep, it’s true.)

Our wedding photos from Fat Orange Cat Studios

It’s not like you need another reason to work with Li from Fat Orange Cat Studios: the lady takes brilliant photos. (Exhibits A, B, C… I can go on folks…)  But now you definitely should– so you, too, can get an amazing package of pretty goodies in the mail.

Our Wedding is Featured on Ruffled!

July 20, 2011

Our wedding on Ruffled!

Our wedding is featured on Ruffled today!*  Hurray and big props to Li, photographer extraordinaire, and husband Dan, from Fat Orange Cat Studios.  And big thank yous to our friends and families who were such helpful, and tireless (and patient!) worker-bees.

If I do say so myself, we pulled it off splendidly!

Click on over to Ruffled to see the rest.

*Li actually submitted the photos today, so we were shocked to see it posted moments later. Crazy.  Thanks Ruffled!

We’re Back!

June 24, 2011

Fat Orange Cat Studios

After a very long radio silence, we are back!  And we are married!  And, certainly most exciting for this neck of the woods, we have a proper working camera!

Tales of weddings, diy projects, run ins with scorpions, and travel ideas will commence on Monday. Huzzah!

Enjoy the weekend, folks.

The above picture from our wedding was taken by the very talented Li Ward at Fat Orange Cat Studio.  More on her later!

Delicious Wedding Photos

July 28, 2008

It so pains me that my camera is MIA.  I have so many things to show you!–  my lovely garden, the crocheted scarf that not only did I finish, but also looks good! various yummy dinners, various fun gatherings.  Its killing me that none of it is being documented. Well, with pictures anyway.  On a recommendation from the wonderful photographer Julia, I’m looking into getting the new panasonic.  But this means coughing up hundreds of dollars.  Last week I wasn’t desperate enough, but its starting to be more and more tempting. 

Anyhow, in leiu of all those other photos, happily I have all these fun photos from my dear sister’s wedding.  My brother Sam was the official photographer and so most of these are his. He did an amazing job. There were hundreds and hundreds of photos, and so here are just a fun few…


Back to Brooklyn

July 15, 2008

I’m back in Brooklyn, finally.  And its good to be back…?  Well, its wonderful to see my kitties, who were so happy to see me again they practically licked my arm off.  But it is hot here in Brooklyn.  And that’s a little ugh.  And a little sticky.  

So I was very lucky to have spent the last two weeks in Vermont!  The first preparing for a wedding and the second enjoying  it.  My sister, the lovely Faith, and her lovely husband-of-one-year, Bruno, finally got around to actually having a wedding!  And it was absolutely wonderful and amazing.  

On the work front things have been great.  I finished character designs for an animated web-game and got to do an illustration of Hillary and Barack (yep, we’re on a first name basis.)  It seems I have more political illustrations coming up.  I really enjoy doing portraits, so I’m happy about that.  I also have a couple of flash animations for in the works.  This lady is keeping busy!  Which is how I like it.  Anyhow I’ll post images here once I get the go ahead.

On a very sad note, amidst the festivities I seem to have lost my camera.  This is certainly going to put a kink in things.  I’m hoping it will turn up still.  But if not, I’ll have to cut my losses and just get a new one. ugh.

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