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The Inkling!!!

August 31, 2011

I hardly ever get excited about tech stuff. Even if it’s really cool, somewhere in the back of my head I’m dreading learning how to use the darn thing. Or thinking about how, frankly, incorporating anything new into my work process tends to be a drag. I know, I’m a bummer.

But last night, both G and my brother Sam sent me a link to The Inkling from Wacom. ¬†And. I. am. SO. excited. Basically it’s a magical ballpoint pen that allows you to save the work you’ve drawn on paper digitally.

I’m practically hyperventelating.

Watch this video and then come join me on the floor.

Whaddya think? Has anyone used one? And crucial question: what do you think about the pen itself?

Now to scrape $200 bucks together…


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