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Story Corps

June 17, 2008

story corp

Does anyone else listen to Story Corps?  If you haven’t already checked it out, you should. Its pretty amazing. Story Corps is a non profit group that sets up sound booths around the country and then invites the public to do their own, informal, interviews of their friends and family.  Everyone gets a free cd of their session, but the really cool part is that every interview is archived and anyone can listen.  NPR does a segment on them every Friday I believe. But you can also listen to stories on their site or podcast.  I subscribe to the podcast and the only complaint I have is that its way too short!

When I first heard about it, I was like, “yeah, ok, that sounds cool…”  And then I didn’t actually go listen to an interview for months.  But then I heard a broadcast on NPR.  That’s when I got the podcast and listened to every one I could get my hands on.  

It such a simple thing really, but there’s something wonderful about listening to regular people tell stories about their lives. Sometimes they’re funny.  Some are incredibly sad.  They’re all pretty touching.  I find them fascinating.

And look!


They now have a book and a cd for sale!

Find out when they’ll be recording in your neighborhood.

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