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Packing Help

November 17, 2010

Does anyone else need help packing?  We’ve been going on all these trips lately, so its been on my mind.  I love spotting tips online– I dream of a lighter, more streamlined pack.  Here are two posts I find helpful:

Does Adventure Have to Cramp Your Style? from Velokava blog by Leah Sakellarides (she makes gorgeous jewelry!):

The NY Times’ Packing Tips From Travel Pros:



August 14, 2008

In preparation for my move this Saturday, I’m now surrounded by an apartment that looks like this:

To my surprise, the kitties are mostly just having lots of fun with the new piles of boxes everywhere.  Hudson has co-opted this one in particular:


Watch out.  His new favorite game involves sneaking around ( in/with the box in tow) and swiping at unsuspecting ankles:


Its very hard work, but the holes provide a perfect kitty nose-rest.

I’m still off to get Rescue Remedy to help smooth over the upcoming, unprecedented, car ride. Not too mention a whole new home.

The other day they both decided to pack themselves:


Thanks guys, very helpful.

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