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Illustration Friday: Fluid

February 18, 2012

Remember when I used to do Illustration Friday all the time? Yeah, me either. It was a long time ago. I thought I’d give it another whirl using it as a little drawing exercise each week. “I’ll just keep it loose and finish it in under an hour.”  Uh that did not happen this week.

mermaid I couldn’t resist the mermaid pull.  Which will probably be one of many in the IF pool this week, but it was new to me.  I hear mermaids are the new zombie/werewolf/vampire in the YA world. And I say bring it on.

I wanted to make her a bit fish-like, and other-worldly, while still keeping it for a middle grade audience age– as opposed to the sexy-siren mermaid version.  What do you think? Hmm maybe topless mermaids too scandalous for that age?

I’m still going to do a bit more with the lighting and a couple of other niggling things (eg I’m not loving the rough oval edge.) But there she is.

Illustration Friday: Contagious

May 21, 2009

I like the concept, but I didn’t really spend enough time on the execution.  I ran out of time. Ergh!

Illustration Friday: Intricate

March 12, 2009

She had the most intricate hair…

Its hand-drawn in pencil, then inked, scanned, and finally, colored digitally.   While I’m not quite done playing around with my site, you can see more of my new work, in this style, here.

Illustration Friday: Poof

August 6, 2008

So I was at the gym listening to Jay-Z…

And came up with this, instead of the fashion-y, poofy dress idea I had sketched out earlier.  Which is good, as I think part of the fun of Illustration Friday is to do something unexpected with the subject.

I like how a lot of parts of this came out, but now that I’m looking at it– his eyes should be looking at us. Not off to the side. darn.

Regardless, its nice to just bang something out and not be too neurotic about it. You know?

Illustration Friday

July 30, 2008

“Canned”. Just a quick one.

Illustration Friday: Baby

June 3, 2008


I’ve been doing lots of drawings of baby animals for a long-term project I’ve been working on. I can finally see the finish line which is exciting.  Or the first, of probably many, “finish” lines.  Anyhow, aren’t these little piglets cute?

Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

April 30, 2008

Hello IF readers!  Hope you’re having fun with the subject I picked out…

Does anyone like Naked Mole Rats besides me? Anyone?… No?  Well, that’s too bad.  Yes, they are a little gross, like anyone would be without any fur and just lots of wrinkly skin.  But they can do all kinds of cool stuff– like move backwards just as fast as forwards, chew through almost anything– even concrete. And they have special blood that processes oxygen so well that they don’t need much of it.  They live in colonies and have a queen, similar to bees.

Are you in love yet?  

If not, you should watch Errol Moris’ Fast, Cheap and Out of Control.  


And then you’ll understand what you’ve been missing.  



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