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Working Wednesday: DIY Book Display

April 20, 2011

I needed inspiration for displaying my vintage children’s book collection, and it recently occurred to me that I should be looking at kid’s rooms. Right now, my awesome books are stacked in a pile on a shelf in my office. Boring– and sad. But I’m thinking these Ikea Spice Racks, that everyone seems to be repurposing these days, would do the trick:

images from Domestic Simplicity.
I think placed down low on the wall, like this, would work especially well in my studio.  (Don’t you love that grey with all the pops of color? Actually that whole room is amazing. Click on the photo for a link to her Flickr stream.)  Though if they were up high they’d be more decorative…hmm.

image from misspfui
Seems easy right?  The Ikea racks are $2.49 in the States, and the set up is pretty obvious, but here it is spelled out, just in case you’d like some directions.

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