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Nest Update

August 5, 2008

I think I’ve redeemed my Nest project.  It wasn’t going so well.  But I found this pattern on, which I love.  And its actually looking good.  Its basically a paper chain you used to make when you were a kid, but with yarn.  And because I’m using such bulky yarn, it looks more like a braid than a chain.  I love that.  I’m really excited about it.

Whoops! I wrote that in the middle of July and thought I posted it.  I was probably waiting until I had some images to go along with it.  And now I do!

Anyhow.  I finished it:


And I think it looks great.  Its too short to tie, ( its a scarf-lette after all,) but you just take one end and tuck it through one of the loops and you’re all set to go.  Actually I think its nice its not too long– this way it keeps you warm without getting in the way.  I hope it makes someone happy.  I’m going to try my hand at a cowl hood again and then send them off to Nest.

The pattern is by torirot design.  Besides this one, she has lots of other great patterns on Ralvery— check out those lizard mittens!


July 19, 2008

Sooo. The cowl/hood project: em not going so well.  I fell in love with this grey purple wool-ease yarn and decided that it was fine that it was “super bulky weight.” (The color is called Fig, how was I supposed to resist that?)  I’ll make it work! Um not so much.  Right now I have the beginnings of a pretty stiff, armor-like, cowl.  yeah.  So I’ll be pulling it out and making a regular short scarf– the kind that has a little button so you can fasten the ends together.  And maybe some wrist warmers too.  I think that will work ok.  

Incidentally have people tried Ravelry? Its pretty fun!


July 17, 2008

I just found out about Nest: Bringing Warmth Home  ( from… some where– I can’t remember.)  From their site: 

Nest seeks to connect knitters and other fiber enthusiasts with people in need of warm items for the coming winter… Use whatever pattern and natural fiber you like. We are looking for hats, fingerless mitts, mittens, cowls, and scarves for all ages.

They’re based in Maine and plan on distributing the warm items by the middle of September. So the deadline is September 1st!

 I think this is such a good idea.  I’m going to buy some yarn today and start on a cowl hood and maybe some fingerless gloves– two projects this pattern-phobe/novice crocheter can handle.  I’m a little late in the game, but I can finish something by then.  

Check out their site for more details.

UPDATE: I just got back from the store and realized my new yarn is the same purpley grey color as the sand dollar– I knew that image would fit in somehow.

I Crochet!

April 28, 2008

So this past winter I picked up the book Kids Crochet by Kelli Ronci.  For a while now I’ve been jealous of various people in my life who are avid knitters.  And not just ordinary knitters– You should see what Mandy made me for Christmas!  Its ridiculous! and deserves its own post, which it shall have. So you’ll have to wait for photos.  Though you can see more of her ridiculousness at her blog, This is Knit. I mean, a tweed 1930’s coat?! Argyle this and that?! Are you kidding me? No, she’s not kidding.  Anyhow, these people happily tote their amazing knitting projects here and there, and I’m left feeling lame that knitting and I never clicked.  Though all of these people have tried.  They really have.  But then I discovered that book. (I’m pretty sure I have Lena Corwin to thank for that.  Her drawings are so lovely…I’m drawn to everything she does. )

I don’t know why, but crocheting feels so different to me. More manageable somehow.  Nice and relaxing.  In a flurry of productivity, I even made a few crocheted Christmas presents.  It was very exciting.  But, here’s the confession: I never actually learned to follow a pattern.  Um.  For some reason that’s been really daunting to me.  I’m so happy to learn new stitches and kind of figure out how to cobble things together and make stuff up as I go. But start-to-finish directions, uh no thanks! not for me apparently.

But then I decided to make a little baby bonnet/hat.  And the whole cobbling-things-together method was suddenly frustrating and just not cutting it.  So at the library I picked up this kind of– well, I’m sorry to say it– dreadful looking, little book at the library.  ( Is it just me, or is crocheting just catching up to the hipness that is knitting at the moment? Not to be a huge snob, but who is designing these books?!  Color blind people, who for some reason want crocheted mouse pads and shrugs circa 1987.  Anyways.)  However gross the various projects looked, the directions were really great, and that’s what counts anyway.  And it had the baby cap pattern I’ve been looking for!  

I decided I was going to follow the pattern exactly.  I understand this might seem like a no-brainer for most people, but its new territory for me.  I measured the gage. I bought a new hook so I had just the right size.  I counted stitches.  I learned a new stitch… And it seems to actually be working!  

At some point this:


Will turn into this:


I just know I can do it.


Crafty Projects

January 15, 2008

Before the holidays I did an Etsy trade with Lisa– my Seasons Postcard Set, for a tie-dye baby onesie and the cutest earrings.  Anyhow, I got an email from her today with a photo of the newly framed prints:  

Look how great they look!  It was so exciting to see them actually on someone’s wall:) Thanks for sending it Lisa.  And that gave me an idea.  I’ve been meaning to do a post on the craft projects I did last year, the majority of which were gifts, but I’m thinking it might be more fun if  you all send me a photo of it in your house, or on your body ( for those crocheted ones.)  It would be great to see where they all ended up.  So if I made you something crafty last year, send me a photo! If you don’t mind, I mean…

In the meantime, check out Lisa’s stores:  Jewelry by Lisa Gaumond and Lisa’s Studio.  

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