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Breathing in the New Year

January 4, 2010

Winter Sketch

I’ve decided that 2010’s theme is Discipline, with a capitol D.  My dad said, “With discipline follows wisdom.”  So it appears I’m on track to have wisdom be the theme of 2011. Hah.

Apparently, my idea of discipline involves developing some routines and sticking to them.  I’ve been feeling a little… untethered (Is that a word?) lately.   So I’ve come up with a few plans to get various parts of my life back on track.  –Including a list of 6 month goals, which I’m happy with so far.

However, I’ve recently been harshly reminded that life is fleeting.

So routines aside, I’d like to marvel at the little things in 2010.  To honor life by being more aware of  all we’ve been given.  To pause and take the time to appreciate each day, each breath. To not take the small bumps in the road so seriously.  To read more books.  Go on more walks.  Listen to more music.  Learn some new-to-me cooking techniques.  Laugh, laugh, laugh.  To hold close the people (and animals) in my life, and enjoy the quiet times, while we have them.  To take care in the new year.

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