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Road Trip “Reading”

June 30, 2011

road trip

It’s the summer and that means weekend road trips to various parts of scenic New England! And I’m wondering if any of you have some audio book recommendations?

We usually spend our long trips having long rambling talks about our possible future and then catching up on Radio Lab and This American Life. But driving to Joshua Tree a few weeks ago, we substituted NPR for BossyPants. (And even if you’ve read it, the audio book is worth a listen because Tina Fey reads it herself.) It was awesome.

I’m not an avid audio book listener, as I’ve assumed that I prefer reading books the old fashioned way. But Ms Fey’s reading led me to wonder if there aren’t other books that are great, if not better, to listen to?

We just downloaded from the library the Game of Thrones* for this weekend’s drive. But that’s just one book. (–we both agreed that we wouldn’t read ahead of the show. I know, kind of backward. But the show is so good.)

So, any ideas? Thoughts? What audio books do you love?


*Edit: Did you know the audio book for A Game of Thrones is 33 hours long?!

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