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Working Wednesdays: Gimme Bar!

October 19, 2011

I’m freaking out over Gimme Bar, the “ultimate scrapbook”!  Similar to Pinterest, except you can keep your images private.


I love when you wish for something and it just magically lands in your lap. For free, and via twitter no less (– Thanks Sarah Jane!) Now I can easily save and organize images I want to reference later for illustration and design projects.


It’s still in Beta, so you have to be invited. Ask for an invite on their site.– I got mine in under an hour!


Working Wednesdays: Aeolidia

October 5, 2011

I’m Aeolidia’s Artist of The Month!  (which means my Underwater Circus theme is up for October.) And I’m celebrating with a new profile pic–see? Gaia

If you’ve been musing about a new website, or just sprucing yours up, they are just the people to do it.  They’ve added new creatives to their roster of fantastic people and seem to always be working on a fun project. I cannot recommend them enough.

And of course I would love to make your logo, or draw the perfect illustrations to make your brand pop!

The Inkling!!!

August 31, 2011

I hardly ever get excited about tech stuff. Even if it’s really cool, somewhere in the back of my head I’m dreading learning how to use the darn thing. Or thinking about how, frankly, incorporating anything new into my work process tends to be a drag. I know, I’m a bummer.

But last night, both G and my brother Sam sent me a link to The Inkling from Wacom.  And. I. am. SO. excited. Basically it’s a magical ballpoint pen that allows you to save the work you’ve drawn on paper digitally.

I’m practically hyperventelating.

Watch this video and then come join me on the floor.

Whaddya think? Has anyone used one? And crucial question: what do you think about the pen itself?

Now to scrape $200 bucks together…


Working Wednesday: Using Video To Highlight Your Business

August 24, 2011

Ok, I admit it.  I originally just wanted an excuse to show a video about making blueberry (muffin!!) ice cream. (Which we will do, pronto.)  But then I realized that this particular piece, by Claire Thomas from Kitchy Kitchen blog, is a perfect example of using video to beautifully highlight your work.

A lot of “promo” videos feel like they get an A+ for content, but they don’t look so hot.  Sure, you get past it if it’s clever, or has some kind of hook, but why not shoot for something of this quality? I assume she didn’t have a huge crew or budget, and the concept is simple. But damn, if it doesn’t look just fabulous.

I found Kitchy Kitchen through a friend, and after seeing this video, they now have a new reader. Quite effective marketing I would say.

What about you? Do you use videos on your website? What are some of your favorite videos? Any ideas for me?

Check out Kitchy TV for more inspiration.  The wheels are turning folks!

Working Wednesday: Sheryl Sandberg at TED

August 17, 2011

I had a different post planned for today, but I spotted this TED talk over at Pitch and it blew me away.  What do you think about Sheryl Sandberg’s, COO of Facebook, talk about women in the workforce?







Working Wednesday: Creative Project Management

July 27, 2011

Project Management Process

I’m in love with this graphic I found on Scoutie Girl, by Eleanor Mayrhofer of e.m.papers. For me, seeing it laid out visually makes everything clearer.  Check out all the posts on this subject here.

New Work: “Baby Food”

July 12, 2011

I did this little illustration for Baton Rouge Parents magazine. I love drawing fruit and veggies so much, it’s making me realize I should be working on a cookbook! hmmm…Hear that universe?

New Look

July 1, 2011

New Look Gaia Cornwall "And Other Such Things"

In with the new… and out with the old:

Still wrestling a bit with WordPress’ “Custom” functions within my current theme, but so far I love the new fonts.  I had always hated the old standard fonts, so these feel like a breath of fresh air. –Much more “me”!  What do you think? A welcome makeover?

Have a wonderful weekend folks!  We’re off to Vermont with our animal menagerie and 33 hour! audio book in tow.

Working Wednesday: Trends as Inspiration

June 29, 2011

Pantone Swatch

I just stumbled across an unexpected (for me) source of inspiration: Design Trends.

Prompted by The Academy’s insightful article “How to use Design Trends To Guide Your Marketing Activity, Part 1”, I clicked over to Etsy’s Merchandising Desk column in their blog. After reading their July post, I was brimming with ideas.

Now some of you, who are good worker bees, are thinking “duh.” But maybe there are others out there like me, who only give trend forecasts a cursory glance. It seemed so dry before, and perhaps a bit limiting, and even a little like cheating. “Use these colors right. now.” But something clicked today and I realized these lists can be a great source of inspiration.

The above links are great resources if you’re interested in checking out the latest trends.

Working Wednesday: DIY Book Display

April 20, 2011

I needed inspiration for displaying my vintage children’s book collection, and it recently occurred to me that I should be looking at kid’s rooms. Right now, my awesome books are stacked in a pile on a shelf in my office. Boring– and sad. But I’m thinking these Ikea Spice Racks, that everyone seems to be repurposing these days, would do the trick:

images from Domestic Simplicity.
I think placed down low on the wall, like this, would work especially well in my studio.  (Don’t you love that grey with all the pops of color? Actually that whole room is amazing. Click on the photo for a link to her Flickr stream.)  Though if they were up high they’d be more decorative…hmm.

image from misspfui
Seems easy right?  The Ikea racks are $2.49 in the States, and the set up is pretty obvious, but here it is spelled out, just in case you’d like some directions.

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