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Spidery Tattoo Dress

September 14, 2009

Have you seen this dress by Alexander McQueen?

Photo from

Perhaps on Drew Barrymore?

Photo from JustJared blog.

I am in love with it.

Photo from FadedYouth blog.

It’s amazing.

Photo from JustJared blog.

Oh spidery lace tattoo dress I wish you were mine…


October 21, 2008

I’m totally eyeing these sweaters from Anthropologie:

Ski Lift Cardi in Beige:


And the Contoured Cardigan in Navy:

Emily, from  A Black Apple, has that one in a grey.  Its looks great on her, which makes it even more tempting.

They are both on sale.  And the Ski Lift one with a skirt would make a great Thanksgiving Day Dinner Outfit….

We’ll see.

Anthropologie’s shoes.  

Forget about it.  I’m not even aloud to look at them.  

Incidentally, didn’t you love the photos in their latest catalogue?

Weren’t they gorgeous?  They were shot in Iceland by my wonderful Julia!  Yay Julia… I can’t wait to see you!!

Looking for Fall

September 4, 2008

Last night, while putting away my clothes in my new bureau, straight from my parent’s attic, (thanks guys!) I noticed that I own five pairs of black tights. Five. This is funny for a few reasons–1. I own a million dresses and skirts just waiting to be paired with black tights, and almost every day find myself in a pair of jeans. 2. I’ve decided that this fall I will be rocking all those skirts, with said black tights, and boots. 3. Its ridiculous to have five pairs though, right?

Anyhow, I just ordered this pencil skirt from Liinok.
I know, you may think from the above statement that the last thing I need is another skirt.  But I’m really excited about it. She makes each one to order. Its denim, it has pleats and a wide waist band.

I can’t wait for it to get here.  Its just thing to turn me into a skirt-wearing, Providence-living lady.

Like Buttah

July 29, 2008

One of the fun parts about my sister’s wedding was that I got to get a new dress! After trying on many dresses we decided on the Signature Wrap Dress by Butter by Nadia. It. is. fabulous. Its pretty simple really: a blue green jersey circle skirt to the knees, with two long, wide pieces attached to the top. But the exciting part is that you can wrap those two pieces all different ways, and so potentially could wear a different dress every time!

I actually tried it on first with my mom at Calypso, but ended up buying it months later at Neda in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.  After trying one on in the store, they let me look through some swatches and pick out a different color.  The order came to the store a few days later.  Its not cheap, but the dress really looks amazing on.  Its one of those pieces that can look great on almost any body.

They come in jersey and satin material, and in a long and short length.  And in all different colors– there’re are even some striped ones now.  There are some ridiculously cute tutorial videos on the site to help you figure out how to wrap it.  Though once you get the hang of it, its pretty simple.  

I was a bit worried about being a bit too boob-alicious for the wedding.  Many of the styles have an open back which isn’t so conducive to bra wearing.  Normally I wouldn’t have worried much about that, but this was a daytime wedding afterall.  I ended up wrapping it the first way, slapped on a NuBra (it sticks to you, so no straps) (it was surprisingly comfortable, but that’s a different post,) and was ready to go.  I had about 7 minutes to get ready and this dress didn’t fail me.  It was a bit boob-alicious, but what can you do? I changed it up for the reception later on– more of a halter top.

Apparently a Butter by Nadia store is coming soon to Brooklyn!  Yay!

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