Video Monday: “Here I….Go!”

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So this is pretty much one of the best videos ever. I’m gonna watch this next time I take a scary leap.– right? (I actually have some scary ones coming up.)  And how awesome is that kid?!

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2 Responses to “Video Monday: “Here I….Go!””

  1. gabrielgarbowota Says:

    How cowardly am I that this *still* from the video makes me queazy. I’ll stick to metaphorical leaps for now.

    • Gaia // Children's Illustrator Says:

      Gabriel, as someone who cried on a recent gondola trip (up AND down,) I can relate. But surprisingly, (spoiler alert!) the actual jump isn’t that bad to watch. Personally, I thought it was going to be way more dramatic. You can do it! Or just skip ahead to her cute reaction. It’s so sweet.

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