Featured in the Providence Journal

Hey check it out!– Our wedding was featured in the Providence Journal (also known as the Projo around these parts,) in a section about DIY Weddings.  We got interviewed and everything. Was not expecting a full page in color though. Sweet!

And, as always, special thanks to Li Ward from Fat Orange Cat Studios, for the gorgeous wedding photos!

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5 Responses to “Featured in the Providence Journal”

  1. Christina Rodriguez Says:

    That’s awesome! What a lovely Valentine’s surprise for you two!

  2. Denise Says:

    great spread Gaia – Pat A. just gave me a hard copy!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Oh my gosh! I jumped up to find my Pro Jo and what a delicious treat to enjoy our G&G sharing their magical day!
    Warmth and wonder all around.
    And you guys did, indeed, get the full color, full page spread 🙂
    February kisses and hugs to both of you,

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