Video Monday: A 5 year old analyzes logos

Video Mondays

I found this video through LinkedIn and thought it was interesting (and maybe kind of terrifying?)

Cincinnati, Ohio-based identity designer Adam Ladd asked his 5-year-old daughter her impressions on some popular logos…

More than her impressions of each logo, which are often adorable, (eg “Parade Elephant”,)  I found it fascinating which logos she recognized.  You’ve got your basics like ‘Disney’, and ‘McDonald’s’, but a couple I found surprising. ‘GE’ for one. Yes, her grandfather works there, and they own basically everything, but you don’t actually see their logo that much. The other one was ‘Xbox’, which she recognized, not because she’s playing video games all day, but because it “controls” the tv at her friend’s house. Maybe it’s more a sign of my naivete about video games and tv watching in general, but I was surprised a five-year old would notice something so small.

Did any of these take you by surprise?

Anyways, hats off to the marketers of the world. Well done, Sirs and Madams. Excuse me while I unplug my family and run off to the hills to become hermits.


One Response to “Video Monday: A 5 year old analyzes logos”

  1. esmee feijen Says:

    A 5-year-old from across the pond responds to brandmarks

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