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I knew I loved Kristen Bell

January 31, 2012

G and I discovered Veronica Mars late in the game–two years ago, actually. But once we did, we devoured that series and both fell head over heels in love with Kristen Bell. ┬áBut then she betrayed us with this. And it was over. (Yes, it was way worse than all those other forgive-ably bad movies. And Party Down did not make up for it.)

I hear she’s in a new tv show, but I just can’t be burned again. (Well, that and we don’t have cable.)

But then I saw this today:

(A bit much? Maybe. But after seeing this I can relate.) You gotta love a girl who would show an up-the-nose video of herself on a syndicated talk show. Kristen, it’s on.

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