Eyebrows To The Rescue

I am sorry to say G and I saw Abduction the other night. And you know it was totally my fault:

“Let’s not go see Money Ball”–an actually good movie–“this one will be stupid and fun!”

Well I got it half right.

I am the queen of bad-good movies, but this one– due to the completely terrible writing, directing, and acting (yes, including Sigourney Weaver {agh! Blasphemy!})–was completely crap. The best part of the hour and 45 minutes was Lily Collins’ stunning eyebrows:

She was really rocking them.

As she apparently does in real life.

Anyways, she’s going to be Snow White:

Which totally looks more promising– right? …Right?

2 Responses to “Eyebrows To The Rescue”

  1. iris Says:

    We just saw “The Big Year” and it was sweet. Predictable, but cute.

    “Abduction” was filmed in Pittsburgh, where I am now, so at least I’d find that part entertaining…

    • andothersuchthings Says:

      I know nothing about that movie, except that I love Steve Martin. Sweet, I’ll check it out!
      Ha! Yes, I totally see movies just because they’re set in Providence– where I am.

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