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August 8, 2011

Our dog bit another dog last week.  Our beautiful, calm, sweet dog in an instant ripped a part of another dog’s ear off.  Every time I think about it, I want to throw up.

It was an awful experience, but you would not believe how kindly the humans involved treated each other.  I was beyond impressed by the other dog owner’s caring and empathic demeanor  in the face of such violence.  I hope I would have reacted the same, were the situation reversed.  All in all, the best possible outcome, considering: humans who were able to take care of the situation, and the injured pup healing–with stitches.

But still, I am shaken and upset.

Luna is teaching me about loving the whole of a being. Not just the sparkly, happy bits, but the darker, muddier parts that can be scary and need some work.

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