Video Monday: Work/Life 2 Home Movie

Video Mondays

Take a look through the Work/Life 2 Illustration Directory.  Can you spot me?

(I got super lucky and am sandwiched between two of my favorite illustrators ever:  Lisa Congdon and Gemma Correll.  Can you believe it?  So awesome.  Good job, last name.)

And how cute are these pictures from the opening reception??  You can read all about it here.


2 Responses to “Video Monday: Work/Life 2 Home Movie”

  1. heidi Says:

    Gaia, so awesome! I’m glad you posted this video (I have been anxiously waiting to see you in the directory), and I love-love your illustration. Can’t wait to get a copy. 🙂

    • andothersuchthings Says:

      Thanks Heidi! I was nervous too. But I think it looks good and I don’t sound too dorky–phew! Thanks for the kind words:)

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