Working Wednesdays

G and I moved to Providence almost three years ago and it’s the first time in a long while, or really, ever in my adult life, that I have my own studio/office/work space.  However, as we were under the impression that we were just in this apartment “temporarily,” I was loathe to do much to improve it.  “Why paint the walls if we’re just going to leave in a few months?”

But here we are, pushing three years and the walls are still a horrible, dingy shade of grey-green.  And lately the piles of …everything…have multiplied so that I found myself walking in, head down, and then resolutely staring at the computer so I can’t see the mess around me. Not exactly a stress free work environment.  But I’ve been working on it.  (And spending too much time online obsessing over dream work-spaces.)

“Working Wednesdays” posts will be about freelancing, working from home, organizing tips, and yes, drool-worthy office spaces.  Hopefully the ideas will not only be inspiring to you, but will result in a clean, happy office for me!


First up:  To corral test prints, and the like, I put in a bunch of tacks and hung clips from them.  A variation of this:

image from remoldista
Except my prints are larger.  Not the best permanent storage, but a great way to get working, or pieces of paper you need, up and out of the way.   A couple variations:

image from Martha Stewart

Also works great for hanging kid’s art:

image from The Style Files

See? Less piles already!

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