Video Monday: The Brick Thief

Video Mondays

via Minor Details

Hi All. Sorry for my absence last week. I was feeling quite ill, and actually took most of the week off– something that’s pretty much unheard of around here.

Anyways, I realized recently that I’ve been showing quite a bit of videos, so why not make it official? And so, “Video Mondays”!  This one’s adorable.

Legos hold a special place in my heart (as they probably do for many of you,) as my brothers and cousins were obsessed with them, and they were a constant throughout my childhood.  This short is brilliant.

2 Responses to “Video Monday: The Brick Thief”

  1. Gerald Says:

    …so that’s where all my legos went… I’m glad they borrowed the Quay Bros.’ aesthetic, and not their vibe — I don’t want to know where they guys hand would come crawling out of…

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