In Vermont

lucile's Kitchen

Hello from Snowy Vermont!  I’m spending the last few days of the year here, cozying up with my family and a few friends.  I just found this quote from EB White (or perhaps Robert Frost?) that describes our time nicely:

To foreigners, a Yankee is an American.
To Americans, a Yankee is a Northerner.
To Northerners, a Yankee is an Easterner.
To Easterners, a Yankee is a New Englander.
To New Englanders, a Yankee is a Vermonter.
And in Vermont, a Yankee is somebody who eats pie for breakfast.

Which we do indeed do.  In fact, that sounds like a great way to start the day tomorrow.

See you in the new year!  It’s going to be a wonderful one– I can just feel it!



You can buy the above lovely print from Lucille’s Kitchen right here.


2 Responses to “In Vermont”

  1. peggy fussell Says:

    Happy Year! I resolve to eat pie for breakfast! And any other time of day that it is available. I love this painting.

  2. leigh Says:

    I would like to eat that illustration! How yummy 😉

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