November Goals

Fabulous weather

I did pretty well on goals for last month.  I forget that I always add a bunch throughout the month, (plus other things, like um rowing in The Head of the Charles–gah!)  so keeping it simple in the beginning is the way to go.

By the way,  I’m happy to report that spots are now going fast for portraits!  If you’d like to give one for the holidays, please get in touch!

October Goals:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Work on final drawing/layout for Uppercase’s Work/Life promo book.
  3. Order postcards
  4. Address and mail them out!
  5. Cold call two companies a week to get submissions information.
  6. Work on next postcard design.
  7. Get the word out about doing portraits! (I’d love to draw YOUR portrait!  Go here for more info!)

I’ve been doing a lot better with promoting/marketing.  Between postcards, signing up for and Uppercase’s Work/Life promo book, and doing the contest with LMNOP, I’ve been really putting myself out there.  I always struggle with this, so I’m proud of myself.  So far working with LMNOP has been super fun, so I’m planning to do more blog partner events/give-aways.  Still need to work on the cold calling.

November Goals:

  1. Cold call two companies a week to get submissions information.
  2. Finish addressing and mailing postcards
  3. Finish illustration for Uppercase’s Work/Life promo book.
  4. Research and then contact a few blogs about the portraits.  (I’d love to draw YOUR portrait!  Go here for more info!)
  5. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We’re hosting both our families this year.

Yes.  Keeping it simple.  I think the above, plus work and all the portrait-creating will keep me busy!  Not to mention Thanksgiving and a trip to Vermont before hand to meet our new God-Baby!!

Phew.   November, you are not messing around!

11 Responses to “November Goals”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Love the idea that you are doing portraits. That is great. I’m sure you will be getting lots of takers. Getting into Uppercase is amazing too. That is such a beautiful. Good luck with getting it all done this month. I have the feeling that November is going to be over super fast. I’d better get to work!

    • andothersuchthings Says:

      I kind of can’t believe it didn’t occur to me earlier! I LOVE doing them.
      Thanks for the kind words! I’m heading over to see how you’re doing:)

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Congrats on getting yourself and your work out there! I’m still a little shy on that front. Good luck this November, and have a great holiday!

    • andothersuchthings Says:

      Really Lindsey? You seem so good at it to me with your blog and twitter and craft fairs! But glad to know I’m not the only shy one:)

  3. Liz Says:

    I SO love that you are getting so many portrait requests, that is the Best. Are you showing some of them off? for public viewing? Have great November Gaia – have fun with all your families at Thanksgiving – and make those calls!

    • andothersuchthings Says:

      Thanks Liz! I guess I’ll have to ask if I can show them. I can definitely show the LMNOP ones when they’re done!

  4. Cyn Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try crew or crewing? That is impressive, girl!

    I’m glad you’re putting yourself and your work out there. It looks like you’re on a great track.

    Good luck with your goal and enjoy your Thanksgiving! It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays.

    • gaia Says:

      Oh man, I try not to gush about crew too much here, but I am in LOVE. I just finished my second year, and it is the best. Especially sweeps (the 8 boat.) I cannot recommend it enough! ok. end of gush.

  5. sarah s. Says:

    Gaia: your month sounds great. Exciting about the portraits. I’d love to hear more about Upper Case and LMNOP. Have a great month.

  6. kristen Says:

    wow, your portraits are really cool! I love the multiple options for background also. they sound like a lot of fun. congrats on getting “out there” I haven’t even begun to figure out marketing avenues yet … Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We host at our home too, I love a full day of cooking and eating and giving thanks – Enjoy! 🙂

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