Words video

I spotted this video just now on Twitter.  Made by the studio Everyone collaborating with NPR and RadioLab, it is just brilliant.  Smart and delicate, I love it.

Directed by Daniel Mercadante & Will Hoffman
Supervising Producer: Robert Krulwich
Original Score: Keith Kenniff

Go check out every episode of RadioLab if you haven’t already. Its amazing.

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3 Responses to “Words video”

  1. peggy fussell Says:

    That was wonderful!! Thanks!

  2. heidi Says:

    Ooh… brilliant, smart, & delicate are the perfect words to describe that. I’ll have to check out more RadioLab. (Score another one for Twitter?!)

    • andothersuchthings Says:

      Hah I know! See?… Though lately I’ve had to make sure its not a distraction. Seems too easy to get sucked into:)

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