Busy busy

Pika package project

Because I decided May wasn’t busy enough, I just signed up for two exciting projects:  Pikaland’s PikaPackage Project and the Flourish business e-course.  I’m really looking forward to working on both.

FlourishYou may have noticed my little etsy  shop languishing over the months.  I haven’t figured out how to juggle pursuing illustration through more traditional means, while selling prints and other items directly to customers.   I’m an illustrator, not a shop owner.  But I’m hoping after Flourish I’ll be both.

The PikaPackage will tie in nicely to that– get the creative gears moving, as well as a promo for my work and shop.

And to help me juggle everything, I’ve signed up for the free trial of the task management program, Things.  Does anyone use it now?  I’ve only had it for a day, but I think its love.

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