March Goals

We have blue skies and sunny weather here!   So, so nice.  And I’m finally back on track (–Hi everybody!–) with March Goals for The Meetup:

  1. Finish first draft dummy for crit next week.
  2. Implement changes after the crit.
  3. Update Hai account.
  4. Prepare some blog posts in advance– with a goal of consistently posting three times a week.
  5. Update my site with new work.
  6. Look into joining another portfolio site.
  7. Finish Aeolidia theme.
  8. Find another SCBWI conference to attend (since I have to miss the one in May.)

How is everyone else doing?


7 Responses to “March Goals”

  1. Deb Says:

    good luck for march, looks like some good solid goals! 🙂

  2. Isa Maria Says:

    I’m excited to see your theme! Good luck with this month’s goals.

  3. Liz Says:

    HI Gaia, nice to “see” you again, hope your March is great! And hey, question: what portfolio sites are you already using?

  4. andothersuchthings Says:

    Thanks you guys!
    Liz, right now I pay to have a portfolio on Hire an Illustrator– fyi, they just put up a pretty new site. I want to also look into ‘Society 6’ which I believe is free…And am thinking about ‘Children’s Illustrators’ or ‘Picture Book’ — both more children’s illustration focused… Any suggestions? Do you use any similar sites?

  5. Cyn Says:

    I love the Aeolidia theme-changer! What a great way to expose artists online. Let us all know when yours is live, Gaia. Always love looking at your work. Good luck this month with your goals!

  6. veebhu Says:

    Hey, I know I’m a little late for this but good luck on your goals! I always have a hard time trying to update my blog frequently. I notice that writing a couple of posts beforehand helps a lot so then the next couple of days I can make a few adjustments & then put them up live.

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