Off to Seattle!

gaia cornwall pig illustration

I’m in Seattle until next week visiting my new baby cousin.  (Is ‘cousin’ the right word?  She’s my cousin’s daughter… hmm.)  I’ve never been here, but I like rain and a baby is a sweet extra bonus.  So good times ahead.

I just added the illustration above to my site.  Its from a book idea I was working on about how animals sleep.  After showing it at the picture book workshop and talking to the editors there, I’ve decided to shelve it as a proposal.  Apparently, the publishing world is sick to death of sleeping books.  I have some other ideas for new proposals, but in the meantime I’m finishing a few of the sketches for my portfolio.  A la this cute piggy one.   I’d love to hear what you think!

4 Responses to “Off to Seattle!”

  1. Anna Says:

    What a cozy scene, I love it. And you’ve even got a little pug!! Having the dog there with the pigs reminds me of the wonderful real-life stories of animals adopting each other – cat adopting baby squirrel, dog adopting rabbits, etc., and how the one that’s different nurses alongside all the others and is loved and accepted by its new mom. Have fun with your little cousin!

  2. gaia Says:

    I know exactly what stories you’re talking about! Actually now that you mention it, it reminds me of the mama tiger adopting those piglets…! Yeah that little pug is based on my childhood dog.

  3. Kaetlyn Says:

    Even if the publishing world is “sick to death” of sleeping books, I love this whole series as a portfolio. So, so sweet!

  4. gaia Says:

    Thanks Kaetlyn!

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