Breathing in the New Year

Winter Sketch

I’ve decided that 2010’s theme is Discipline, with a capitol D.  My dad said, “With discipline follows wisdom.”  So it appears I’m on track to have wisdom be the theme of 2011. Hah.

Apparently, my idea of discipline involves developing some routines and sticking to them.  I’ve been feeling a little… untethered (Is that a word?) lately.   So I’ve come up with a few plans to get various parts of my life back on track.  –Including a list of 6 month goals, which I’m happy with so far.

However, I’ve recently been harshly reminded that life is fleeting.

So routines aside, I’d like to marvel at the little things in 2010.  To honor life by being more aware of  all we’ve been given.  To pause and take the time to appreciate each day, each breath. To not take the small bumps in the road so seriously.  To read more books.  Go on more walks.  Listen to more music.  Learn some new-to-me cooking techniques.  Laugh, laugh, laugh.  To hold close the people (and animals) in my life, and enjoy the quiet times, while we have them.  To take care in the new year.

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9 Responses to “Breathing in the New Year”

  1. Liz Says:

    Love that word, and I think it is a word, or if it isn’t it should be – untethered. I know JUST how that feels. I LOVE you list, it made me feel like running back to my blog and re-writing. Happy January Gaia

  2. Lindsey Says:

    enjoy. 🙂

  3. Aileen Says:

    I love your growing awareness and attention to the beauty of small things. Such an inspiration.

  4. Gaia Says:

    Thanks you guys. I felt a bit awkward posting this for the meetup as it isn’t as specific as usual. But it is heartfelt. Thanks for recognizing that.

  5. Deb Says:

    I really like you goals list! January is such a great time for reflection and setting out what you want to achieve for the year doesn’t have to be so quantitative, its great to remember the small things, the beautiful things that inspire us to create what we do! Good luck!

  6. Anna Says:

    Hi Gaia, reading your post gave me such good feelings and I was nodding along with all of the special moments and things you’ll be focusing on and paying attention to. Really beautiful post!!

  7. Cyn and Scout the Dog at RiverDog Prints Says:

    Just lovely, Gaia! A complete pleasure to read.

  8. Candy from Candied Fabrics Says:

    These are important goals too! Actually, there hard to keep track of as they’re not a check the box sort of goal – but very important! You go!

  9. peggy fussell Says:

    Gaia, this is so lovely and so inspiring. January was crazy for me so I feel like I am just now starting the new year. This sets the perfect tone. (and I love the sketch too!)

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