Some Organizing

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One of my goals for this month is to do some studio/office organizing.  And happily it seems I am not alone!  A bunch of people have mentioned on their blogs or goal lists similar desires for a more sparkly work space.  Here are some of the posts I’ve been looking at for both inspiration and commiseration. hah.

• Over at Mint, Ellie and her friend Margot, from Pitch, have begun a series about starting to work from home.  I’ve been working at home for years, but am sorry to say I still find myself falling into the “why-bother-getting-dressed?” and “my-house-is-a-perpetual-mess” pitfalls that often accompany having a home office.  So it’s always good to hear other’s comparable stories and tips for coping.  Find their Howdy Do It posts every Monday at Mint and Pitch.

• When starting to organize my office, I found this post from Uniform Studio chock full of helpful bits.

• If you need some inspiration look no further than Lovely Design‘s studio tours– old and new!  Not only does every item seem to have its place, but the colors!  Really gorgeous.

• There’s also the Modish Flickr Pool– Handmade Spaces.  Always fun to troll through…

In related news, both my site and blog got a bit of dusting off these last couple of days.  See the newly organized sidebar to the left!  The portfolio and the homepage menu have been updated, and I decided to add in some pencil sketches from upcoming projects.  (Remember the image above from it’s pencil sketch posted a bit ago?)  Let me know what you think of the new work.

My physical workspace may still be a bit of a mess, but now my digital (er, virtual?) one isn’t!

One Response to “Some Organizing”

  1. Pikaland Says:

    Lovely work Gaia, and thanks for the very inspirational links! 🙂

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