Cover of Time Out New York Kids!

It’s my first magazine cover!:

Time Out New York Kids cover

I actually didn’t realize those little guys we’re going to be on the cover, so it was a nice surprise! (I drew the birds, bees and flowers.)  Plus I have this full page illustration on the inside:

Time Out New York Kids, Who's Your Nanny Illustration

Quite fitting as I was a nanny myself for years.  Oh how I miss those girls in Brooklyn!

Thanks Time Out New York Kids!  What a fun job…

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3 Responses to “Cover of Time Out New York Kids!”

  1. Denise & Joe Says:

    we love your drawings Gaia! so much personality in all those nannies!
    many many Kudos on landing the cover with your critters!

  2. The Best Nanny Money Can Buy « …and Other Such Things Says:

    […] that illustration great? (Remember when I illustrated nannies for Time Out […]

  3. gabrielgarbowota Says:

    Fantastic!!! I just regret I hadn’t congratulated you when it first came out.

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