Oh Leia, My Halloween Girl Crush

Are you a costume person?  Do you have your Halloween outfit all picked out and ready to go?  Over the last few years I haven’t done much dressing up.  But this year I feel inspired.

I threw out a bunch of ideas because they were too expensive, or too cold, or too involved, but then hit upon one that involves all the magic elements: layers for warmth, boots, a belt, and braids:  Princess Leia, a la Return of the Jedi.  Think more tie dyed ponchos and less metallic bikinis:


My all time favorite outfit of hers is the white snowsuit, with the vest, the gloves and the crazy blue boots in the Empire Strikes Back.

I think she’s in that jumpsuit (ahem, spacesuit?) almost the whole movie…

Anyhow doing some research for the fast approaching holiday I came across all these gorgeous Carrie Fisher as Leia photos.

This one is my favorite:

You’re welcome.

All photos from The Padawan’s Guide to Star Wars Costumes.

3 Responses to “Oh Leia, My Halloween Girl Crush”

  1. Denise & Joe Says:

    so did you or didn’t you dress as Leia for H day?

  2. Mads Says:

    Thank you for these images! I was thinking of doing the Leia-comfy-foresty costume for Halloween this year, and was searching frantically for images, and came across yours. Great minds think alike! 😀
    (Did you end up making the costume yourself?)


  3. gaia Says:

    I didn’t!! I totally just lamed-out or something. This year though! Oh yes…
    🙂 Good luck with your costume! And thanks for stopping by!

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