Moleskine Exchange 2

Some images from the Moleskine Exchange, week 2:

I’ve been musing about doing a portrait series of houses in my neighborhood.   The area is called The Armory because its adjacent to what used to be a huge armory built in the early 1900s, complete with ten acres of “marching grounds”– now a park.

The houses surrounding it are mostly incredible “3 family” victorians.

Anyhow I started playing around with that idea here…  ( Above you can see a bit of Nicole’s star on the left side…I should have taken pictures of the other images in the book.  Darn.)

Though I should note these houses aren’t in my neighborhood, just random ones.

“To be a country or a city mouse…”

Ah yes.  My eternal dilemma.

3 Responses to “Moleskine Exchange 2”

  1. brandy Says:

    oh Gaia. these are so pretty.

  2. andothersuchthings Says:

    Thanks so much Brandy. I haven’t gotten any with Greg’s drawings in them yet…Hopefuly soon!

  3. Laura Gaskill Says:

    Just catching up on my reading now – these are beautiful, Gaia! I love the houses and trees, and the quote. I miss the big trees in Santa Cruz, and also the bustle of San Francisco! Sometimes I feel Providence is a nice compromise, but…then again, there is not too much “country” or “city” here, so I end up missing both!

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