Lemon Cucumbers and Wise Words

I was reading the blog over at Lilla Rogers Studio (–an amazing illustration agency, whose roster of artists is truly impressive and always inspirational, and of course I would die to be among them, but I’m getting off subject–) and I came across this post about Lisa Congdon’s  promo card.  This sentence caught my eye:

 Here’s how it works: really good artists have lots of styles and media because they have so much talent and a delicious greed to try everything. Then, over time, the styles often morph together to become one’s own distinctive style.

That’s a breath of fresh air to me.  I feel like I definitely have those tendencies–ooh look at that, let’s try this… but as I read the post I realized I  tend to reign in my experimenting.  Like I’m getting off topic.  Or my because style isn’t cohesive enough.  This is a good reminder that experimenting is a good thing.  And that styles are evolving creatures.  And that at some point, I guess when it’s supposed to, it will all come together.  

Coming from an animation world, where you’re supposed to be able to draw anything in whatever style they throw at you, its been particularly confusing for me to find my own one style.  I feel like I’m coming into it, but it can be a little scary.  Anyhow, thank you Ms Rogers for the encouragement.

4 Responses to “Lemon Cucumbers and Wise Words”

  1. Anna Says:

    Totally! She, and you, articulated it so well. The evolving, shifting, merging… And I had to pipe up because I saw lemon cucumbers at the farmer’s market. But I had no idea what they were or how to use them so I passed. I think I need to get some and figure the rest out later. Here’s to experimenting (with food, art, etc)!

  2. andothersuchthings Says:

    They seem pretty similar to regular cucumbers, but a bit, well, lemony. Very yummy. My mom actually got us the seedling. She’s better at experimenting than I am:)

  3. pegfussell Says:

    What a wonderful quote! And just what I needed to read too. I try to keep my portfolio cohesive, but then I worry that it is getting stale. I experiment but only show the new stuff on my blog for fear it isn’t fitting with my “real” work. I guess the trick is to always have your portfolio inching up as you go…thank you for that inspiration. And thanks for the sunny lemon cuke too!

  4. andothersuchthings Says:

    Peggy- I feel the same way! Torn about total overhaul portfolio updates or inching along as you said. I’ve been considering some smaller updates/additions lately…

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