Moleskine Group week 1

I’ve been doing a “Moleskine exchange group” since July and I keep forgetting to share my drawings. It’s been super fun to do– the book has 60 accordion pages, there are ten of us, so we each draw on 6 pages and then pass it on to the next person. Sort of like Exquisite Corpse. Or a chain letter?
Anyhow I started off my moleskine with this:

My (2nd?) cousin had just been born and everyone was over-the-moon thrilled. I was in Vermont with my family when she arrived.  The coyotes were howling that night.  

Hence the baby and the coyotes.  

Its been challenging to just draw.  Right on the page.  No scanning, no rearranging, no computers.  Not much planning.  Coloring with whatever I feel like.  It feels like a good stretch.  

There are more images on Flickr if you’re interested.

6 Responses to “Moleskine Group week 1”

  1. maldrubine Says:

    I love the idea of a Moleskin group!!! thanks for sharing

  2. Anna Says:

    This is really neat. I love the colors you chose, the pale golds and blush tones that pass through the coyotes and the sweet baby. The sound of coyotes howling outside is really special too.

  3. gaia Says:

    Denize– the moleskine group has been really terrific! I keep gushing that everyone should do it:)
    Thanks Anna. Its funny about the colors– I had this brown ink which I started using, but then decided to move onto watercolor. Kind of happy accidents which I guess is the whole point of this group.

  4. pegfussell Says:

    I was in a sketchbook exchange last year, and I loved it. It really opened me up to new ideas and collaborations. I love the drawing of your baby cousin and coyotes, and also the story that goes with it! Thanks and good luck with your group.

  5. Laura Gaskill Says:

    Oh, Gaia – the coyotes are beautiful!! What an awesome project!

  6. andothersuchthings Says:

    Thanks Laura!

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