Interview with Lolalina!

Before I dash out the door to finish up some wedding preparations for a good friend (more on the goodies we made later!) I wanted to let you know there’s an interview of me on Lolalina, Find Your Sweet Life blog!  

As Laura mentions, we met through the networking site HerFuture – I contacted her after I realized, not only did she just move to Providence, but she has a gorgeous design blog as well.   It’s just wonderful and has become a daily read for me.   So of course I was thrilled to talk with her!

Thanks so much Laura. It was really fun.

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One Response to “Interview with Lolalina!”

  1. Denise Says:

    loved the interview! you have already accomplished so much that you set out to do and be. I admire you so for savoring the present moment while growing and learning and developing your gifts.

    not a secret at all…love moi

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